I am a teacher for students with autism, and reading this made me cry because it is so very true. I saw this in a way yesterday that has made me want to tell the world. I have a 6 year old, non verbal student who uses a TouchtoTalk app to communicate. In the past few weeks he has had some technology issues with the device that has basically left him unable to communicate in any way beyond the primal; grunts, squeals, dropping objects, grabbing, and yes, sometimes hitting. Because he had something to say and NEEDED to be able to say it. ...more

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This, or Today Sucked

 We interrupt yesterday's awesomeness to bring you today's day from hell. I admit it. I was on a high, happy cloud.  Yesterday went so well that I drove to school humming and singing. I mean, I do that every day but today I did it from  high atop the fluffy,  happy cloud. ...more

Innocence Found

Today was a marvelous adventure.... My first school trip with the kids. I went into it a little bit nervous, I have to admit. The thought of all the kids in our school being on buses for almost an hour and a half, followed by walking around a zoo sounded a wee bit daunting....more

It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Or..the thing that I really, REALLY love about my vocation, and the thing that really, REALLY pisses me off.First, I would like to say how grateful I am that my pissed off list is short (today), and the love list could fill volumes.   That being out of the way, I am now about to vent.What I Hate ...more

Migraines, Skittles, and Miracles, Oh My!

Let's just start by saying this. Migraines suck. Migraines suck even if you are locked in a dark room, all sounds muffled, 5000 miles away from civilization. Anyone who says "It's only a bad headache" has obviously never had the joyful experience of having a sledgehammer repeatedly pummeling their head in. To the point that anyone who is silly enough to come within 20 feet of you will hear the voice of Satan come out of your mouth. "GO AWAY NOWWWWW"...more

Destination Love...Finding Me

 Welcome to my brand new, shiny blog!  Sit down, have some tea, and hopefully enjoy my braindumping as I share  life and its adventures with you. For the longest time, I have been encouraged to write for others.  I have stopped and started the process so many times, I've lost count. But lately, life's crazy ride has made my need to empty this brain an almost daily occurrence....more
This was just beautiful, I cried the whole time I read it.  I didn't know writing a letter and ...more