Ten Bold Ways to Discover Your Passion

What do you want to do with the rest of your life? We've heard it said a kazillion times that to achieve happiness we must find something we're passionate about. Sounds easy. Right?...more

Unleash Your Inner Cougar

Cougars are on the prowl. I don't mean the big game, man-eating beasts of the wild. I'm referring to wily, man-eating older women who cruise the sexual wilds in search of youthful male testosterone. Seems there are a lot of mid-life women out there exuding healthy appetites for younger men. They've popped up on the cultural trend known as cougars. Cougar women tend to be in their forties or fifties and selectively date men in their twenties and thirties, some even the same age as their sons....more

Would You Tryst with David Letterman?

By now, we've all heard about the David Letterman sex scandal. Good ole funnyman, Dave has entangled himself in an inappropriate sexual peccadillo, admitting to having sex with females on his staff a few years ago. You sort of get the feeling it was more than two women. Maybe a lot more. No matter how many ladies he hooked up with, it's likely that his actions promoted an uncomfortable work environment where female employees may have felt compelled to tryst with him out of fear of not getting raises or even being fired....more

Could You Survive on Survivor?

Do you have a Survivor personality? I'm referring to the long-running CBS TV reality program that airs on Thursday nights. I confess one of my guilty pleasures has been watching the show since it first premiered in the summer of 2000. To this day, I think the very first season is still the best one. Watching the show always makes me wonder if I could possibly withstand the rigors of such a difficult challenge. Would I be the first to go? Would my tribe cut me some slack? Would my winning personality help me form successful alliances?...more

I'm with you on the baby boomer show.

This season too many from the sunny,does this ...more


We've got a million things to worry about, don't we? Well, I just discovered one more chunk of worry fodder for our obsession stockpile. It's something I never even heard of before now and it generally occurs in women. But by golly, it's a doozy. CANKLES.  Huh?  I repeat: "cankles". It's slang for chubby ankles. I wonder why they don't call it "chankles"? But that's another worrying point I'll save for later.  ...more

The Wonders of Facebook

Do you FB? If you're in the loop, you know that means: Do you use Facebook? Recent Facebook statistics report that the popular social networking site has seen a phenomenal increase of older users. Generally we assume internet social media like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter appeal to a very young techie audience. However, from January to July 2009, Facebook has seen a 513% growth of users age 55 and over. An increase of less than 5% was reported for users ages 18-25 for the same time period....more

You May Be a Jackass If....

1. You may be a jackass if the President of the United States calls you one and your name is Kanye West and you stole the mike away from a sweet little country songstress at the MTV Video Music awards and ruined her big moment. ...more

I loved this!  Since I just recently returned to SC I am thinking about making a run on ...more

Is It OK To Be Rude?

There's been a rash of rudeness going around lately among public figures. But rudeness does not limit itself to narcisstic celebrities and arrogant politicians. In our personal lives, we all know people who act rude...some more so than others. Perhaps we ourselves have occasionally been impolite, offensive or unintentionally slighted someone. What amazes me are people who feel entitled, even obligated to be rude, crude, in-your-face, mean and nasty; not just to strangers but to of all people---their friends and family members...all in the name of love....more