The RSVP: My 10 Year High School Reunion be told, it’s been a thought I have angsted over and revisited many times in the past three years. Always in the back of my head was that, at some point in the very near future, I would have to make the decision: TO GO or NOT TO GO. I even went so far as to enlist the aide of former classmates for encouragement. One even offered to drug and kidnap me....more

Poverty Week! It's a Thing

 When we got back from New Orleans, it didn’t take much longer than a trip to the ATM to realize we had overspent. REALLY overspent.“I have no money,” I said, feeling the excitement and romance from the trip drain from my voice. “I literally have no money.”...more

Our First/Last Trip to Aldi

Today my boyfriend and I were supposed to start a thrift-o-rama month with a trip to discount grocery store Aldi.  Our goal was to see how much more we could save versus our trips to grocery store chain Giant Eagle. On a personal level, I was eager to disprove some of the stigma that comes along with shopping there. I figured if two yuppies can do it, then anyone could give it a try....more
I realize this is an older post and you might never see this comment. I hate Aldi. And I ...more

The Princess Bride: What Yesterday's Big Engagement Means To Me

i'm actually really interested to see how everything works out and i am hoping that they will ...more

New Social Media

Bored with Facebook?...more

Morbid Crafting: X-Ray Lamp