Oh! The Places You Will Go!

Personally, I can become exhausted reading and listening to the daily grind: national news, politics, and crime stories. Though I would never grow tired of reading about stories that are inspirational, uplifting, or the stories that leave me to wonder if the folks involved are angels sent to Earth....more

Like sight, POWER too is a gift.

Power is an intimidating word to most people.  It is something we should all strive for ourselves in order to know just how far we can go in our lives, by using what we were born with. Power is within all of us. Power seemingly attaches to a feeling of a force that cannot be matched, one that is stable, and strong. There are thoughts that we may feel that certain people just have it and that we were not one of the lucky ones dealt a so called "power card".  ...more

Retire the "T" and please get dressed.

Cute as a button some are, and I too wear them. But for the love of our American Culture and Style, it is time to tuck that "T" in ladies. It's just not cute any longer. The thong is a throw back some 5 years or more ago. Something about the "T"  sticking way up the back as your shirt rides up screams you should have purchased a larger shirt size, or yer "T" is not positioned correctly in all areas.  "TUCK IT TIGHT" or simply go buy some real panty wear. Enough said on that. ...more

Please Don't

PLEASE DON'T! Please understand that I love a great debate! I love to hear and try to understand another persons point of view but will counteract if I want them to see my point of view....more

New Year's Resolutions -vs- A Lie


Once Upon Ago In Time

Is it me? It could be. I never minded taking the first approach to looking in the mirror. But when I did on this particular subject, I realized, nope it´s not me. When did the world change? I mean, right before my eyes. I blinked, and WHAM! the world isn´t what I pictured 5 minutes ago. I see greed on all levels. The infallible world I knew 10 years ago cease to exist today. Granted we had our share of misguidance and disloyalties to our fellow men and women....more