Watermelon Sorbet

It's another warm day here in Boston, so I've been rummaging through my freezer looking for cold food to cool me down.  Here's what jumped out at me today! For the fourth of July I had bought a huge watermelon on sale at Whole Foods.  It was huge and delicious, but I couldn't eat it all before it would start to turn.  So, what's a thrifty girl to do?  Freeze it!  I cut it up into lots of pieces, and tucked them into several zipper freezer bags....more

Summer Snack Attack!

Along with my new workout plan is the idea that I should be eating up to 6 mini-meals throughout the day, but keep my total calories below 1400 a day.  I'm finding that my summer snacks have a COOL element, a CRUNCHY element, and a distinct FLAVOR element (either sweet, salty or spicy, or a mix!).  Here are some of my favorite go-to snacks this summer:...more

Mmmm...Lunch! (Chicken, Jicama & Apple Salad)

It's a beautiful day here in Boston, as the heat broke last night along with the humidity.  But, it's still sunny and warm, and feels like what summer should always feel like. I've been craving nothing but cool foods lately, so I wanted to share my latest creation with you. Chicken, Jicama & Apple Salad....more

Six Word Memoirs: A Formula

Getting out of the car the other day, I heard a snippet of an NPR story about six word memoirs.  Smith Magazine had run a story about them, and NPR was spreading the word.  What was funny was that I was on my way into my therapy appointment!  I'm always thinking of some new thing to share at therapy.  It got me thinking about how mantras, mottos and sayings can really help us.  I like the idea of using the six word memoir as a goal setting formula.  Much like those goal setting coac ...more

Back in the Groove, Music Too!

Back in the groove again here in Massachusetts!  Here's this morning's breakfast.Hot and Cold.  My coffee and my Green Monster.  This morning I had my first Green Monster since December!  I don't have much in the fridge, so I got creative:...more

They Are Coming For Me Soon

Freebie: A Fresh February Calendar

A little fresh February calendar for your desktop wallpaper!  The freshness of grapefruit is waking me up this dreary morning!...more

The Number You've Reached is No Longer in Service

"The Number You've Reached is No Longer in Service". Those are the perhaps the most hurtful words I've ever heard....more

The "J" Twins Photoshoot

I couldn't resist sharing my latest photoshoot of the J girls.  At only about 2 weeks old, they already have personalities and differences.  I love them so.  Hope you enjoy!...more

Dancin' in the Rain

So what if it drizzlesAnd dribbles and drips?I'll splash in the garden,I'll dance on the roof.Let it rain on my skin,It can't get in -I'm waterproof."Dancin' in the Rain" by Shel Silverstein from Falling Up. I love the illustration for this poem.  There is a little naked being, gender indeterminate, jumping and skipping in the flowers as the rain comes down.  It's beautiful and full of joy....more