I have a secret. I have a family member with a mental illness.

I have a secret. It is a secret that I was ashamed of. I have a family member with a mental illness. Like most folks we didn't talk about it. Everyone, and I mean everyone knew. Others ignored it. Some pretended like it did not happen or even worse. As a child, I was told to get over it. Some relatives, family and friends suggested prayer or seeing a minister because the illness was a sign of weakness/the devil. At least they tried. I couldn't escape it. I didn't have the luxury of ignoring it this because that person was my mother. ...more

I am proud to say I am not an ideal Black woman

In the Black community and in society at large, I believe there is an ideal Black woman.The ideal Black woman is strong, unbreakable and tough. She is able to do everything and be everything to everyone but herself. She has the super-human ability to withstand pain. She can be satisfied with pain and sacrifice on earth because she believes deeply in her reward in heaven....more

My Third Great Grandfather Warren McKinney's Slave Narrative

My third great grandfather Warren McKinney (1859-1938) participated in the Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves. The interviews took place between 1936-1938 and were conducted by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration for the State of Arkansas. These records are in the Library of Congress. My great, great, great father's interview was took place in Hazen, Arkansas. He was 85 at the time. He died in 1938 so finding this has been an invaluable treasure for my family. I was shocked that we found this....more
This is a blessing for you. I have looked hoping that I would find one of my relatives words ...more