We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 15- Discharged From Duty

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 15- Discharged Postcard by Bougie Girl (November 2010)One of the first things that you learn about being in a relationship with an active duty service member is to expect the unexpected at all times. During our relationship, I learned all about how quickly relationships and even marriages come together. Yet, they can fall apart even quicker ....more

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 14-Montage Of A Love Story

(June 2010-November 2010)We are in the midst of a grand love story. The kind that I used to secretly read during my college days. He is the ...more

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 13-Civilian's Day Out

(September 2010)I am en route to a baby shower which is located on the other side of Rhode Island. Men and children are welcome to attend but, the Sailor has to work until later this afternoon. Frankly, I do not want to bring him along ....more

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 12-Tales From The Mess Hall

The Sailor cannot cook. Correction, he can microwave and bake some things but, cooking on a stovetop is not really his strong suit. In fact, one of his attempts to cook lunch resulted in the smoke alarm going off and the death of a hardworking saucepan ....more

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 11-Shipmates

(June 2010) The Sailor is big on partnership. This concept is difficult for a a self avowed lone wolf such as myself to put in practice. As the eldest in my family, I am used to calling a majority of the shots and writing lots of checks ....more

We'll Always Have Newport- Chapter 11: Duty Calls

(September 2010)The Navy is the silent 3rd Party which dwells within every part of our relationship.We are sitting snuggled up on the couch binge-watching a string of bad Syfy werewolf movies. The kind of cinematic feats which involve a basic storyline, bad dialogue, and hokey special effects.Just another relaxing Saturday afternoon...until the duty phone rings.In an instant, we break apart. The Sailor has the ...more

We'll Always Have Newport-Chapter 9: Learning My Port

(July 2010)I love the quaintness of this enchanted seaport. I enjoy strolling through its narrow streets and snapping photos of various piers. The aroma of the beach wafts through downtown Newport ....more

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 8- Heatwave On The Homefront

(June 2010-September 2010)Almost immediately upon my arrival to Newport, the Sailor and I face ...more

We'll Always Have Newport- Chapter 7: Reporting For Duty

(June 2010) My first official act as a significant other is to scare up breakfast for us. ...more

We'll Always Have Newport-Chapter 6: Pulling Into Port

(June 2010) I am driving into a sea of fog. I can barely see on either side of my car. ...more