It's Raining! It's Pouring!

I can't believe it! There is water falling from the sky and lots of it.  For most of the country, this is not an amazing thing. I have watched with envy for a couple of years as people far and wide have complained about rain and snow.  Meanwhile, here in CA we have been fallowing fields, rationing water and posting "Pray for Rain" signs in our front yards. Now it is raining! Hooray!...more

Small choices make big impacts

Farm to fork. What does that really mean? Doesn't everything we eat start on a farm? Did you ever think of that?  Today we are so far removed from growing our own food I bet most of us don't think that every bite we take, every meal we make starts on a farm.  The cereal (and the box it comes in) begin with healthy soil and good bugs. They both need water and sunshine and the chemical process of photosynthesis to become trees, corn and wheat. ...more

A Foodie Challenge

Food. It is not just what is for dinner.  Food is sustenance, support for life and for many food is a way of life.  While those of us who work in agriculture hope to remind, or inform, people that food does not come from a grocery store, perhaps, it is time to take a step back and rephrase the statement....more

Finding Joy

Joy! Sometimes in life people, weather, news all seem to bring stress and sadness. For many, the challenge to escape this darkness is a steep uphill climb, Others seem to have no challenge with a smile, laugh and happy thoughts.  There are moments in everyone's life however when we can make choices which can take us a specific direction, a choice to find joy.  ...more

The most imperfect, perfect food

Describe for a minute the perfect apple or tomato.  Is it round, red, shiny, perfect with no imperfections? Now close your eyes and describe the perfect tomato. Is it firm, rich in texture and flavor, just picked and juicy? ...more

I remember. A trip down gastronomy lane.

Liverwurst sandwiches and American Pie. That memory is one of my childhood favorites. Hanging with my dad, picking up leaves and listening to the song on the radio.  Food and great memories go together like chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers over an open fire.  Try and think of a memory that doesn't involve food or drink.  There are pineapple whips on a trip to Disneyland and that perfect cold Red Stripe on the beach in Jamaica. Food is a part of our lives in so many ways.  ...more

Food, it's more than just what you eat

When was the last time you thought about the origin of the food you eat? Was it yesterday, last week, last month, never? For my family, knowing who is behind our food is an essential fact of life.  A trip to the local grocery store means looking at the labels, even in the produce department.  ...more

Kids and Calves - Little Things Count

 It’s the little things that count.  This summer we have hosted three summer camps for elementary students. In planning the camps we had big ideas of what the kids should learn: soil is a living thing, how to graft vines and trees and the anatomy of a honey bee.  While those are all great ideas and things we hope they know to gain a better understanding about the world around them, it is the little things we didn’t plan on teaching that seem to resonate most with the campers....more