No, I don't want to make you a quilt. But I will show you how....

I hear it all the time. "I wish I could quilt like you. Will you just make me a quilt?"To be honest, several of my kids don't have a quilt yet. So I made it my personal mission, to share my quilting knowledge online. To create quilting patterns, and tutorials that are easy for beginners, and encourage newbies. I started a website called I had passion and excitement and enthusiasm. Then I had two more children. Bringing the running total to 8. Yep. You read it right, 8 kids. (NOw you KNOW why I hide in my studio quilting right?)...more

Ok, that's a bit of a lie because I love quilts and would be thrilled for anyone to make me ...more

My Mother Made me a Quilter

It really is all my Mother's fault. I know that every daughter blames her mother for something, but in this situation it really, really is the truth. Every holiday, she would come over to our house, bearing gifts of beautiful quilts. It started with quilts for the two oldest girls. Next was a denim quilt for our oldest son. The she dropped the bomb. An all green quilt just for me. She knew it was my favorite color. Now you need to know, that before quilting, I had never, ever sewn....more