Cleaning With Mean Green Outside

As much as I love the warm weather that summer season brings, mosquitoes halt all my outdoor housekeeping plans. Oftentimes, I cannot tend to my yard because the mosquitoes seem to attack me. As a result, things have been a bit neglected ....more

Think TaZa: Drama-Free Drinkware

I have broken many glasses while unloading the dishwasher. ...more

Looking Back at August

August is an exciting time of the year for my family; birthdays, anniversary and back to school. ...more

Cleaning Up My Act: Meet the Robotic Vacuum That Changed My Life

Having two large dogs that shed enough fur to create wigs creates a slew of chores alone. To put it into perspective, I could spend all day vacuuming the house, dusting every surface, and mopping every floor and within a few hours, my house will have just as much shedded fur as before. The manual labor is a daunting and an extremely exhaustive task, which means I need all the help I can get ....more

Beer Cocktail- My Way

All year long my husband loves to grill. ...more

A Trip to The Farmers Market

Although I grew up in New Jersey and most of my family still lives there, I love living in Atlanta. ...more

Summer Snippets

Summer is just zooming past. ...more


Do you ever wonder what's included in those monthly subscription boxes? ...more

Cafe Curtains From Pillowcases

When the time came to select curtains for my laundry room, I had a tough time finding something that I liked. Everything was either too expensive or just not my style. Before leaving the store empty-handed, I decided to browse the bed-linens aisle ....more

Spring Cleaning With Mean Green

Spring cleaning has always been my favorite way of giving my home a fresh start. I can finally finish up those house projects I’ve set aside and liven up each living space. For some reason, however, it always took me forever to finish cleaning in one day due to constantly scrubbing in one area ....more