My Neutral Dining Room

It only took me a few years, but I think I finally captured the dream I had for my dining room!...more

New Artwork from

If you were to look at the wall art I have mounted, there's a pattern of nature with neutral tones that can be switched out throughout the house. ...more

Monarch Rain Chains

In the hottest weeks of the year, we finally have frequent showers to combat the heat and give my flowers some much needed attention. On days where rain is sparse and the constant need to run to my hose is too much, I needed something that could collect rainwater for later use. ...more

I Spray Painted My Outdoor Seat Cushions

Now that the weather is nicer we've been spending a lot more time outdoors. ...more

For Sarah

Although I'm missing Haven Blog conference this year for a very good reason, it makes me a sad to think of all the pretty faces I'm going to miss; blogging friends old and new. When I first attended Haven in 2013 I was scared and intimidated by the crowd. ...more

My Potting Bench

I've always wanted a potting bench; a designated place to store plants, soil and tools for my convenience. I debated purchasing one, then remembered this old bench in the garage not being used. ...more

Refresh Your Living Room With These Inexpensive Tips

As spring rolls in, many of us will be working hard to deep clean, declutter and freshen up our homes. ...more

High School Graduation

My beautiful daughter graduated from high school Saturday morning in the top 10% of her class. ...more

Hanging Art the Easy Way

Although I don't believe every wall in my house needs to be filled for a less cluttered look, I love beautifully decorated homes with unique artwork. While shopping in Paper Source, I spotted this Constellation Wrapping Paper for only $4.95 and thought it would look great in my son's room. ...more