6 Months Post-Chemo

Scarlett had an MRI last week....more

Valentine's Day 2014

V-day has come and gone once again, and I feel like this year we really made progress.To recap:Feb. 14, 2010 - I found out I was pregnant.Feb. 14 2011 - Scarlett's first dose of chemo.Feb ....more

New Chapter

There are some big changes in the air!We're moving!...more

Scarlett's Year in Review

This year was full of joy, challenges and victories for Scarlett. January Scarlett began chemo for the second time in her little life....more

Christmas 2013

Helping daddy cook dinner Suspicious of Santa With cousin Caleb Christmas in the Park Breaking into the stockings New doll house from Santa, complete with furniture, doll family, Christmas lights and ghost in the attic... ...and grandpa's addition of a "fragile" leg lamp! The TV fire replaced the real one since it we've been on no-burn days for weeks. Boots with handles to put them on by herself! ...more


Scarlett has been tumor free for a whole year!...more

3 Months Post-Chemo

Scarlett has now been off chemo for three months....more

Turkey Day

Scarlett had a great Turkey Day....more


Everyone is posting on Facebook all their daily thanks....more


Happy Halloween! Scarlett's MRI was clear!...more