$2 Grab Bags

I dropped Benjamin off at school this morning and did a victory dance headed over to Michael's for a little Halloween planning. Perhaps you can guess what I have him slated to be for Halloween just by a few hints? I planned to make the ears myself, but then stumbled upon these for $1.60 ....more

Today's Jog with Naughty Benjamin Bunny

I always love it when I post a cute picture of Benjamin being awesome on Instagram and then he turns into a psychopath within minutes of that post.The toddler tantrum/psychosis doesn't come out daily and we've had many more good days than bad days lately, but MAN. He can be a real freak of nature.I've been trying to get my butt in gear lately and get out for some exercise during the warm months weeks we have left of this year. We usually leave a bit after nap and I get the kids in the jogger with snacks and we're on our way ....more

Baby Food and Boob Talk

We're in it. Just like that. I was pregnant and then had a baby ....more

Exciting Month of Firsts

First haircut and...more

Grant Writing... and Winning!

As summer comes to a close and school starts up soon (Benjamin tomorrow! Eeek!), I am once again reminded of how much I miss the classroom. I miss the freshness of new kids coming in, organizing, planning for instruction, and what I miss the very most, teaching ....more

Bye Bye Brass

We've lived in our house for about 4.5 years now. As we toured the house, we had these grandiose dreams of what we planned to change. Being young, spry and without children (though newly pregnant!), we got to work on tons of these things.But then there were those projects that were not a priority because they didn't really bother us much ....more

Review: Well Beginnings with Walgreens

The baby is in diapers. Of course. The toddler is still in diapers with no foreseeable change happening soon ....more

Inherently Evil

I have these silly memories of random things from different parts of my life that somehow made enough impact to stay as a permanent memory trapped in my brain. Not all of them feel that important, though....more

Rain, Hail, Ice Cream Cones & One Exhausted Mama

Thursday was a normal day at the ranch. Except a boy who seemed to spike a quick fever at 6:15 p.m. and was down for the count (after a long and full day of fun, giggles and smiles!) at 7:15. It hit him almost immediately and that was it ....more

Benjin Blankies

We never, ever introduced a "lovey" or anything like that. I didn't want to rely on always having something and GOD FORBID, losing said thing...more