Egg Allergy

My children come from a family with very few allergies to food. Skin is a whole different story, but foods are generally a-ok in our world. Benjamin has eaten everything under the sun (well, until he shunned food from 13-months until present) ....more

Veterans Day

Having married a former Air Force guy myself, I know quite a few people who have served in active duty. Many of those people have risked their lives places faraway and sacrificed it all for the freedom of our great nation.Today, we honor you all. Thank you.We also have someone near and dear to our hearts that is celebrating another Veterans Day ....more

Thumb-Sucking & Nap-Dropping

Two kids with their own ideas. Benjamin has been a thumb-sucker from about 6-months old....more

The Happiest Place on Earth

I grew up going to Disneyland throughout my entire childhood and into adulthood. I probably went more in high school and college than I did in my entire growing up even. I know the layout of the park quite well and even went on casual group dates to Disneyland ....more

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

With cute kids like this, it makes me really wonder what our first boy would've been like at nearly 4 years old. I'm certain he would've picked an awesome costume and loved all the excitement. Andrew, you are missed, as big as this bumble bee mama can miss someone ....more

Active October

We're busy bees over here! In a nutshell, the last two weeks included the following: California grandparents arrived for a few days. New pumpkin patch exploring ....more

Toddler and Baby Lifesavers

The only reason I'm a capable and relatively happy human being right now is because of Benjamin and Claire. Well, mostly Benjamin. He came after Andrew and saved me from a very dark place ....more

Letters to Andrew + Invitation

If you will join me, please unite in lighting candles to remember the babies at 7 p.m. this evening. Small Bird Studio Dear Andrew,I almost wrote "sweet" Andrew, but really, who knows who you would have been. You might have been spunky, but I presume more circumspect than your younger brother ....more

NILMDTS Featured!

I wrote back in August about winning $1,000 for an organization near and dear to our hearts and the reason we have beautiful photos of our Andrew, NILMDTS.Well, they're featured this week! It's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day on Wednesday and it's timely to have them at the top of the website with a beautiful photo.Check it out! ...more

No, Benjamin.

He's been hearing that a lot, lately. Followed by an explanation, of course, but I feel like a broken record. No, don't spit on the floor ....more