Mother's Day Necklaces

I like celebrating the grandmas. It takes some of the pressure on how I'm feeling about the whole loaded day. I like to channel my energy into celebrating the grandmas ....more

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels

For as long as Benjamin could walk, he's been obsessed with bikes. When we'd visit parks and he'd spend the majority of the time checking out the other vehicles the kids brought to the park.For Benjamin's 2nd birthday, he received a Strider balance bike. I totally thought I was hooking the kid up because then he'd...more

¿Hablas español?

Early in 2015, we started Benjamin at Language Stars. He's been attending Spanish class with an awesome teacher ever since. We paid something like $500 to finish the schoolyear with him in a 1-3yo class with other kids ....more

Cholestasis in Pregnancy: Let's Talk About This

I'm writing this post exactly 16 months from the birth of Claire, my Cholestasis baby. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy with her, starting at about 32 weeks, I came down with an intense and incredibly maddening itch all over my body.I visited my doctor and they wrote it off as normal...more

Easy (but not quick) Cinnamon Rolls

We arrived back from California on Monday. By Wednesday, I noticed the can of storebought cinnamon rolls (btw, Aldi has THE BEST) was approaching expiration.Cinnamon rolls on Wednesday morning it was. Benjamin wasn't complaining and let's be honest, me neither! ...more

Busy Bees Exit Assessment, Preschool Year One

Twice this year, preschool was canceled so the teacher can schedule a 15-minute parent conference with each of the parents. There's a printed paper and the evaluations of your kid.You're not allowed to bring kids. I understand they can be distracting, but staying home means I am the babysitter ....more

Jesus. Bunnies. Babies. Family.

Easter was nearly a month ago, but I wanted to get some pictures up before we head off to our next adventure this week...We had a few egg hunts, visited the beautiful Cantigny Park, had a visit with Mr. Easter Bunny and apparently he has a wife (who we also visited, to Claire's dismay). We ate good food, enjoyed the company of Grandpa and Gramie and even got out for a little date night while they were here.We also colored eggs ....more

Well, That's a Wrap

I spent 27 of the last 38 months of my life breastfeeding.It was wonderful, sometimes stressful, but I'm just overall grateful for the experience.On Saturday morning, I sat in bed with Benjamin and fed Claire for the last time.She is 15 months. Benjamin was 12 months, but definitely ready to be weaned by 11 months. It was like wrestling an alligator that last month with him ....more

Benjamin Babble II

Scene: Listening to The Beach Boys in the car (borrowed from friends) and the song Fun, Fun Fun (until Daddy takes the T-Bird away)...more

Citrus Wild Blueberry Compote

I recently purchased an enormous bag of chia seeds. I've been incorporating them into smoothies, grinding them into a powder for pancake mix and adding them to yogurt. I'm always trying to think up the next way to get those little extra proteins and omega 3's into foods we eat often ....more