Jesus. Bunnies. Babies. Family.

Easter was nearly a month ago, but I wanted to get some pictures up before we head off to our next adventure this week...We had a few egg hunts, visited the beautiful Cantigny Park, had a visit with Mr. Easter Bunny and apparently he has a wife (who we also visited, to Claire's dismay). We ate good food, enjoyed the company of Grandpa and Gramie and even got out for a little date night while they were here.We also colored eggs ....more

Well, That's a Wrap

I spent 27 of the last 38 months of my life breastfeeding.It was wonderful, sometimes stressful, but I'm just overall grateful for the experience.On Saturday morning, I sat in bed with Benjamin and fed Claire for the last time.She is 15 months. Benjamin was 12 months, but definitely ready to be weaned by 11 months. It was like wrestling an alligator that last month with him ....more

Benjamin Babble II

Scene: Listening to The Beach Boys in the car (borrowed from friends) and the song Fun, Fun Fun (until Daddy takes the T-Bird away)...more

Citrus Wild Blueberry Compote

I recently purchased an enormous bag of chia seeds. I've been incorporating them into smoothies, grinding them into a powder for pancake mix and adding them to yogurt. I'm always trying to think up the next way to get those little extra proteins and omega 3's into foods we eat often ....more

The Bridge to Active Parenting

I spent the entire drive home from preschool pickup on Thursday in tears. Both kids in the backseat and me sobbing. Benjamin was TERRIBLE last week ....more

One Off Tucson

We returned from a 4-day trip to Tucson, tagging along with Elliot to a nice hotel in the middle of the nice, warm desert. We love these trips. The actual travel and sleeping parts are often stressful, but so much fun to visit a new place and share these experiences with the kids ....more

Five Year Check-In

That's how long it's been since we boarded that one-way airplane back to the States from our six months in Germany. We were headed back to a new state, about to sign the contract to our new home, buy a new car and get pregnant with a (new, first) baby. We were excited ....more

Beach Bash Third Birthday Party

Benjamin is officially out of the toddler stage and into the "preschooler" stage. He's three.We celebrated the weekend before his birthday and he celebrated again with his preschool class with pretentious, overpriced organic cupcakes. We also went to Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed not one, but two slices of cheesecake ....more

Flash Before My Eyes

I think since Andrew died, I've been able to see possible, but unlikely scenarios flash before me that I would have never considered if he were alive today.I was vacuuming recently and Benjamin was at a playdate at a preschool friend's house. I turned around and saw Claire chewing on the vacuum cord.Right then, I immediately went there, planning the execution of how it would go down when I rushed her body to the emergency room and what I would say on my frantic call to his preschool friend's mom. I even envisioned pictures of the interior of that emergency room (we'd been to 4 months ago when Claire spiked a 104+ fever).All of this was considered in a matter of 5 seconds ....more

Benjamin Babble

I love reading these and don't write down nearly enough of them myself. I managed to write down these recent ones... and since he doesn't nap anymore (like, at all), it's hard for me to find time to post them ....more