Microblog: The Claire Tuck

Claire has this precious way of expressing she loves you and finds comfort in you. When holding her, she pulls both arms in and tucks them down, as to give up full control, in total trust. It also ensures you can't grasp her arms well to put her down ....more

Microblog: $41 Phonics Lesson

My mom was in two weeks ago (today) and we hit up a local church rummage sale on a dreary and wet Friday morning together. We got there about 3 minutes before it opened and it was a madhouse with a line of around 100 people. I rummaged with Claire riding piggyback in the Ergo and Benjamin was charming my mom into buying everything he touched ....more

Microblog: Popsicle Days

Benjamin's favorite flavor is "brown", which is a shame because rootbeer is my favorite. This has resulted in him eating all the best and leaving the crappy bubble gum flavored ones. I...more

Loving the Child You've Got

At this exact minute, I'm listening to our friends' kids playing on the deck with the water hose and water table (drought-ridden Californians see this as gold!). Claire is giggling and getting soaked right beside them.Benjamin is sitting on the couch singing songs to himself as he flips through a book.He's such a loner.He's the only kid of the like 13 kids at soccer last week who spent almost no time listening to his coach and more time complaining and acting as though soccer with other kids was complete torture. I wasn't asking him to be great at soccer; I just wanted him to listen to the coach ....more

Microblog: Little Movers & Shakers

When B was a little guy, I took him to storytime starting around 6 months. At 17 months, Claire has only ever tagged along to B's storytime hour (and doesn't even get offered a cookie when they occasionally have them available). B was bringing me dozens of books each day at her age and she isn't as interested ....more

Benjamin Babble III

Scene: B staring at a behavior chart we created for him to earn a book he wanted.B: "Did you write a sad face on there?"Me: "Yes, because you were behaving poorly yesterday."B: "Take it off. Take it off with a sponge."---Scene: B puts a DVD in the player and it doesn't work.B: "Are you kidding me right now? I put the CD in there and it doesn't work."---Scene: B pointing to a picture of himself as a baby.B: "That was me (when) I was a little age."---Scene: Playing with an iPad counting game that involves tomatoes.B: "I don't like to eat tomatoes."Me: "You don't?" (spoiler alert: he hates food)B: "No ....more

First Geocache

A few weekends ago, we were knee deep in house projects and were bummed about some neighbors making rude comments. Side story: We cut down two trees in our yard (one was dead) and they expressed disappointment in the form of the words, "We're sorry for your loss." When you've actually, really lost a child or anyone important to you, talking about trees with those same words is offensive. Those neighbors are forever on my list.The weekend was full of hardware store trips and I needed to change this ....more

We're Going on a Treasure Hunt

My son doesn't like getting his hands dirty. He'll play in the dirt, fully enjoying himself, until he realizes it's dirt...more

Mother's Day Necklaces

I like celebrating the grandmas. It takes some of the pressure on how I'm feeling about the whole loaded day. I like to channel my energy into celebrating the grandmas ....more

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels

For as long as Benjamin could walk, he's been obsessed with bikes. When we'd visit parks and he'd spend the majority of the time checking out the other vehicles the kids brought to the park.For Benjamin's 2nd birthday, he received a Strider balance bike. I totally thought I was hooking the kid up because then he'd...more