Limes and Organized Nerd Singing

No, this is not a post about margaritas, though I kind of wish it were. That sounds delicious on a warm summer day like today. But no ....more

Photo Fellowship and Creative Narcissism

I love taking pictures. Like most people with a phone nowadays, I like to capture moments, big and small. It seems to have taken over the world, this taking photos of the mundane and the impressive all the time ....more

Mason City and Frank Lloyd Wrong

Before our visit in April, I'm not sure I could have named one reason a person would choose to make a special trip to Mason City, Iowa. Maybe your grandma lives there and makes the best cinnamon rolls in the entire state. That is a reason to go way out of your way to visit Grandma and enjoy her baked goods and some old fashioned guilt and hugs. But if your grandmother doesn't live in Mason City, I figured there ...more

30 Second Reviews: 6 Months of Words and Stuff

Hi, friends. Six months! Somehow it's been six months since I did a book review post. Jeez, too many books to review. Why did I wait so long? I think part of the reason is that the Blogher Book Club has come to a close, so I've gotten out of the review habit.  ...more

It's Getting Hot Up In Here

Well, hello there. I'm easing back into this writing thing. And my easing always works best when prompted with simple, straightforward questions from those smart bastards at Friday 5. I have about ten lengthy and witty blog posts that I need to write, full of photos and friends and family and travels and cool buildings and antique crap and anecdotes that will charm your pants right off. But I'm easing in. Like dipping my toes in a very hot, hot ...more

A Week of Lobsters: Part 2

I started writing this on Sunday, sitting and watching it snow from the warm comfort of our couch. In March. Near the end of March technically. Like 7 inches of blowing, icy, crappy, beautiful snow. And it makes me long for our vacation. So I'm finally motivated to finish writing about Maine. Because I want to go to there. Now. To the warm ocean breezes, the salty sea air, and the lobsters. So much lobsters ....more

What's on your happylist?

  The whirring thumping drum of the attic fan on the first warm day of spring Refilling a jar of cotton balls, all white and pure and fluffy Hot wind blowing my hair up in crazy waves while riding in a dirty convertible ...more

Brown Butter From Brown Cows?


The Pretty Good American

I'm sitting at home this morning, watching through the window as the snow falls incredibly quickly, more than an inch an hour, with up to fifteen inches expected by the end of the day. And how better to spend an unexpected snow day than writing about the latest lovely book from Blogher's Book Club? ...more