Weekend DIY: Dress Made From A Shirt

I did it!I finished a weekend project. I made this dress for my daughter from an old tank top. For a tutorial visit me at www.flippinfactory.wordpress.com! ...more

I love it! What a great idea! I wish I could sew :)more

Trash to Treasure, Garbage to Gold, Reclaiming Waste, Rebirthing the Old.

Headboards make great benches and bike furniture creates interesting conversations! The possibilities are endless. I would like to create ONE online marketplace where all furniture "flippers" could promote and sell their creations. This website will aim to divert unwanted furniture from the landfills, provide furniture to those who desperately need it, and teach you how to easily transform your decade-old file cabinet into useful (and colorful) planter for your garden. GARGAGE TO GOLD has been entered into the Pepsi Refresh Initiative and it needs your votes! 1....more