60 Pounds GONE

It would take 120 smurfs, or a bushel of wheat, or 3 spare tires or a punching bag to equal how much healthier I have gotten.  In other words....That's right folks 60 pounds are gone from my person... woo hoo....more

The Family Secret We Can No Longer Keep

Since September of 2012 our family has been keeping a secret from most of the world.  Only a select handful of friends are aware of what's been going on.  Beyond that tiny group of people the only others that know are the ones that “needed” to be aware of the situation.  It has been a tough and exhausting road, and the journey has only begun. However we've recently come to realize keeping this secret is not helping anyone and may even be making matters worse....more
I'm sorry this has happened but I'm glad you're talking about it. We need to be able to talk ...more

We've Got Worms

    That's right we have worms and we're proud!  How often do you hear that sentiment?  First let me lay your worries to rest neither of the puppies have worms, they're healthy as always.  As far as I know chickens don't get worms, they do eat them but they don't get sick with worms.  Guess how many worms we have?...more

New meaning to Children Should Be Seen but Not Heard

     The phrase Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard dates back to 1450.  This opinion was actually recorded in a collection of homilies attibuted to an Augustian clergyman in Mirk's Festival:A mayde schuld be seen, but not herd.Who would imagine over 600 years later this concept would still be continued? IF I had not seen it multiple times in play this past weekend I wouldn't believe it myself....more

Victoria & Albert's Dinner ~ Part 1

     After four months of anticipation we dined at Victoria and Albert's this past Saturday.  Unlike most moments of expectation in my life I was beyond thrilled with every experience the evening brought. I am going to try to do the very best I can to recreate our glorious evening for you.  Warning: You may want to have a snack and drink nearby as your mouth will be watering!...more

Tragedy Hits Our Mini Farm

     I "know" that the whole circle of life is no more evident than on a farm.  What I didn't 'know is how devastating losing a chicken would be.     Monday Meg and I returned home to discover Duchess and Quinn lying in the yard.  We were only gone less than 2 hours but tragedy only takes a minute.  I am still uncertain and will never really know what exactly happened but here is what I've pieced together:...more

Walking for My Freedom ~ Join Me

    What are you doing this Sunday at 4:30 pm EST?  Why not walk with me and thousands others for 100 minutes?...more

The Sequester, 20% and Our Defense Family

We are a Department of Defense family; have been for 24 years. We moved to a new state in 1995 due to base closures. We've held our breath hoping that hubby's name wouldn't be on the list being sent to support the troops in the middle of conflicts numerous times. We've watched our benefits dwindle. We've had no cost of living pay increases in over two years. We are now being told that unless Congress can actually do their job and create a budget, we are looking at a 22-week sequester....more
I too am sick and tired of the fact that the representatives that we elect and pay to do a job ...more

Two Years of Lady Bren

My Craigslist War and the Peeps

   I have no issue with Craigslist, just one particular seller.  As in every situation there are two sides to the story.  In this case there is my side and the side of the evil, totally in the wrong seller....more