Searching for the Holy Grail of Donuts: The Mashed Potato Donut

A few weeks ago, I received an email from my brother with a link to a website and a cryptic message "Is this what we've been searching for all these years?"  First, I thought it was one of those spam emails with messages designed to get you to click on the link and second, I couldn't recall that my brother and I were actually searching for anything....more

Baking Fails Part II: Spritz--It's all about the Buttah!

My brother called me the other day to tell me about another baking fail to add to the family lore. Actually, I called him to tell him about my Ostakaka blog post but it sounds better if he called me.  Anyhoo, as we laughed over past Ostakaka disasters, he confessed to his latest fail....more

Holiday Baking Fail Part 1: The Making of the Ostakaka

There is a long  tradition of holiday baking mistakes in my family, a mantle I'm proud to continue year after year.  One of my fondest (and frequently reoccurring) memories from my childhood involved the annual "Making of the Ostakaka." My uncle and aunt would drive up from Iowa, and after a few dozen cups of coffee around the kitchen table, talk would invariably turn to the Making of the Ostakaka....more

Crack, Drunken Stupors, and Bobbleheads, Oh My

Of course I need to weigh in, albeit late, on the whole Toronto mayor scandal.  In case you haven't been following this closely, let me recap.  In May of this year rumors of an incriminating video surfaced of the portly Mr. Ford smoking crack along with a picture of him hanging in a hoodie.  By the way, Mr. Ford makes Bill Belichek look downright debonair in his hoodie on Sundays....more

Why Every Parent Needs A Segregation Policy

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk segregation.  Sibling segregation, that is.  I love each of my children equally, but right now I just don’t love them TOGETHER.  It’s the Bickersons at my house every day, every night.  They just can’t seem to get along.  It’s pick, pick, pick by my daughter until she gets a rise out of her brother.  It’s a bossy boots brother screaming at his sister to not touch his stuff an...more

Goodbye to my Summer of Anarchy

Anarchy:  a state of disorder due to absence/ nonrecognition of authority OR summer vacation with school age children....more

Parenting Karma - The Gift that keeps on Giving

When it comes to parenting small children (and teenage girls), karma’s a witch spelled with a “b.” Everything you do and say comes back to bite you in the ass.  A vague reference to getting  ice cream at some point turns into a nonstop litany of “but yoouuuuu saaiiidd we could get ice cream.”  And, god forbid you fail to deliver on a promise to drive your daughter to the mall with her friends.  This grave offense may result in seeing a...more

Knock, Knock is Anyone Home? Why Don't We Feel Safe in Our Own Homes?

My local mom’s group listserv was on fire this last week....more

The Seven Simple Steps to a Fun Road Trip with Your Kids this Summer (Yes, I mean Fun!)

If you are thinking about taking a cross country road trip with your kids this summer, the best you probably think you can hope for is that it doesn't turn out like the movie Vacation.  That's where you're wrong.  I'm here to tell you that it CAN BE FUN!...more

A Great Free App for Parents - Capture all of your Kid's Best Quotes with Day One

As many of you know, this week some of the top rated Apple apps are being offered free in honor of  the app store’s five year anniversary (has it really been only five years since our lives changed forever?????).   So I grabbed a couple to try out.  I think they will only be free for one week so ACT NOW.   I thought I would...more