Christmas in Camelot

PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY - “Brenda Jernigan warmhearted CHRISTMAS IN CAMELOT, involving an unconventional Christmas gift and an unusual wager, contains equal parts romance, adventure and holiday magic.” The Greatest Gifts Are always unexpected There was a king – King Arthur of Camelot There was a knight – Sir Nicholas the Dragon There was a wager that each swore he would win ...more

THE CHOICE - Amazon Countdown Deal .99 cent Oct 20 - Oct 22

Fantastic Read October 16, 2014     Honestly, I loved this book. Right from the start, the setting and characters grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. I couldn't read fast enough, as I was caught up in Brenna and Taylor's heartbreak and wanted to know 'what' exactly tore them apart. Once that part became clear, I rooted for these two soul mates to find their way back to each other. Ms. Jernigan has spun a clever, heart-warming tale. She is one author whose books you should be reading.  Julie Lence ...more

Book Sale now - $.99 The Duke's Lady & Southern Seduction

The Duke’s Lady on sale for .99 cent A MYSTERIOUS BEAUTY... A LOVER’S SECRET ... A PIRATE’S GOLD Fighting her powerful desire for the man who has sheltered her, Jewel Bona struggles both to remember her past and imagine what her future might hold.  But when a British officer claiming that he is her uncle threatens to expose her to terrifying danger, she turns to Adam Trent, the Duke of Cornwall for protection....more

Westerns - The Misfits

 They were misfits that no one wanted.  Watch how they come together to become a family against all odds.  If you love Julie Garwood’s “For the Roses”, I think you will enjoy The Misfits.  ...more

E-Book on Sale 01/04/14 to 01/11/14

THE WICKED LADY$0.99The Wicked Lady is on sale from Jan 4th to Jan 11th.  Ranked #3 on AmazonThe Thief  - Kristen Johnstone was one wicked lady. ...more