Frugal Bloggers Guide To Spending

Frugal Bloggers Guide To Spending (Part 2 of the series)You can read the first part of the series from last Sunday here.Today let's look at things I purchase, and how I save there. And then we'll look at my BlogHer earnings. And discuss what's going on (or rather not going on) there.ClothingI very rarely buy clothing ....more

Ten Christmas Crafts

It takes a village. A Christmas village, that is. Wrap up boxes and decorate little houses ....more

Etiquette For The Season

The windy days of late fall have arrived. I awoke to rain. I look outside the window from my bed and see the leaves falling ....more

The Trellis Tree

This is "The Trellis Tree." It was made with an old white trellis (the wooden kind that fans out) that I found for $15. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it. First I set it up against the wall right side up ....more

The Art Of Wall Display

I think this is just as cute as can be. Just odds and ends of small saucers gathered into a collection for the wall. Right now it would be remiss to even mention wall displays without adding a gallery wall ....more

I Need A Fly Whisperer

I've been kind of missing in action today. Last night turned out to be the worst night yet. Pain was so bad I didn't sleep at all ....more

You Can't Go Home Again

Do you remember how it felt as a child when you got the swing at the playground going really, really high?...more

Want To Make More Money With Ads?

Bloggers, guess that got your attention. It would get mine! I have just signed up with The Blogger Network ....more

Tweak It Tuesday #116

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, A Cultivated Nest showed off some of her new home. I can't wait to see what she does with the rest! Living The Gourmet made yet another magazine-worthy dish ....more

The Frugal Blogger's Guide To Living

I'm kicking off a new blogger series today called The Frugal Blogger's Guide To Living. The first in this series is: How to make money blogging. So we will be discussing that today.I'm no expert on this ....more