Hearing & Running: How loud is your workout music?

After some time off, I'm ready to start thinking about long runs and marathon training. I still have (thankfully) more than 19 weeks until the Vermont City Marathon. Lately I have found myself perusing iTunes, looking for new music to keep me entertained as I get ready to hit the pavement again....more

Good point. Being able to hear your surroundings, especially outdoors, is SO important! more

Coping with Iron Deficiency

This is the story of how iron became my new favorite element....more

Say What: Understanding Audiology

When I tell folks I am an Audiology graduate student, I get one of two responses:1.) "What??" (they honestly don't know what audiology is or think I'm studying "ideology")or2.) "What?!?!" (they are making a joke about how they "can't" hear)So, I respond with either:1.) "Well it's a profession that studies, diagnoses and treats hearing losses and fits hearing aids" (among MANY other things)or...more