The Tooth Fairy Visited My 4 Year Old

I didn’t even know children could lose teeth at age 4. I know she will be 5 in September (which sounds entirely too old for my mushy mom heart), but still, kids don’t lose teeth until at least age 6, right? Well, apparently, that’s not necessarily so ....more

Tips for Raising Kids Who Love to Read

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Being a Cynic is Easy

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17 Getting to Know Me Things

Ah, summer Fridays. In my first post-college job it meant we had half days and usually drank a beer with clients. Ah, the joy of working in advertising! ...more

My Favorite (Non-Restrictive!) Healthy Eating Rule

Yesterday, Hailey’s hour of quiet time was cut short (I’m noticing a theme here) by our delay in getting to bed after lunch. That left me with not much time to make my tea and start organizing my homeschool plan for September before she came bounding down the stairs. I knew I could send her to play in the playroom solo or to “read” books on the couch, but I had an itch for some quality time so I asked her what she wanted to make in the kitchen ....more

Day in the Life: 4 1/2 and 2 Years Old

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4 Mistakes to Avoid to Raise Healthy Eaters

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Hey Moms, Slap Your Leg

This post is brought to you by a Healthy Slice partner. Slap your leg. Initially it sounds like punishment, doesn’t it? ...more

4th of July Weekend at Lake Norman

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! We’ve had a fun weekend, hosting some of our best friends from our college days, just like we did 3 years ago....more

So What’s Up With Your Posting Schedule?

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