3 Suggested Areas for Improvement

This post is brought to you by a Healthy Slice of Life sponsor. Dear Blue Apron, First let me...more

It’s Ok to Just have Lemons

Even if you’re really good at making lemonade, it’s ok to just have lemons some days. That was my Friday. A lot of lemons ....more

Simple Strawberry Jam- in the Bread Machine!

David and I both are wannabe minimalists. You’d never guess it by looking in our kitchen though, as we have gadgets galore! The majority of them have been generously gifted to us over the years and I’ll admit, they’ve been a lot of fun to use ....more

Just Another Day in Paradise

Do I have any fellow country music fans out there? How long have you been listening? I started in about 3rd grade, which I can say was before country got very cool ....more

The Most Important Thing I’ve Ever Done for My Health

Over the past ten years I’ve transformed my way of caring for my body from working hard to try and make it a certain size and shape to working hard to make it as strong and healthy as possible. In the process I’ve started doing...more

Kaitlyn’s First Birthday Celebration

The theme of the weekend was relaxed and celebratory and I’m thrilled that it turned out just like I’d hoped. Nana and Papa John arrived Friday afternoon which sent Hailey into a tailspin of excitement. We spent Friday afternoon playing outside and baking cakes so we could have Saturday free to celebrate the birthday girl ....more

My Last Baby is Turning One

A year ago today I was scheduled for an induction. Being a week overdue, my doctor strongly suggested it and I was put on the schedule to come in early morning on the 15th. I still had high hopes of going into labor on my own, especially with a big storm and a barometric pressure drop, but no real contractions came, just a call from the hospital at 6:00 am to let me know they were full ....more

3-Bite Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate Clusters

This post is brought to you by a Healthy Slice sponsor. Alternatively titled, A Tale of Two Nap Schedules, but that’s not quite as catchy. We are in an interesting phase with sleep right now with the girls ....more

A ‘Why’ That Makes You Cry

Diary entry time! I find myself saying this more often than not, but life just seems to be moving at hyper-speed lately. I’ve had what I feel is a very productive week, yet I still have plenty of things lined up to accomplish ....more

Keeping Eating Healthy Fun with One Simple Tip

Do you feel like your grocery list is practically the same every week? I know mine will always include bananas, grape tomatoes, yogurt, carrots, salad greens, sweet potatoes and almond milk. Every single week ....more