Things I’m Loving Lately: February 2016

I did what I set out to do and made it through the week. Staying busy really helped and even though both David and I teared up last night as we talk about her, we are doing OK. The sweet memories are winning ....more

Meals Lately

Thank goodness for food. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to transition back into my normal blogging, but I’m ready to. It feels amazing to pour my heart out, but it also feels good to get back to my routine ....more

The Silver Lining

If we were all sitting down in the same room right now I’d have tears streaming down my face. Not from...more

Saying Goodbye

This past Friday, with heavy hearts, we said good-bye to our Koda-bug. In my head I’ve written this post a hundred times over the past year since we received her diagnosis of canine lymphoma. I thought about how I’d focus on the good times, remember how grateful we were to get extra time with her and how much joy she brought to our lives over the past 8 1/2 years ....more

Celebrating the Small Wins

This post is brought to you by a Healthy Slice sponsor. This life stuff is crazy. I felt like I have always had a full life, but in this current season, I feel like I’m running from sun up to sun down ....more

Day in the Life: 20 Months and 4 Years Old

These are some of my favorite posts to read (of others) and to write (myself). I always find myself waiting for a “normal” kind of day to snap pictures for, but I finally realized there is no normal day. Every single day is different, so yesterday morning on a whim, I thought, let me start snapping and see what the day brings… and here is how it went down ....more

Detailed Family Meal Plan: January

We’re back from our whirlwind adventure! We left Georgia around 10:30 yesterday and lucked out that David caught an earlier flight from Chattanooga, which had him land in Charlotte at 2:30, so we could pick him up on our way home. We managed to even make it the girls’ afternoon swim lessons but oh my goodness, were were all ever exhausted last night ....more

A Weekend in Georgia

So I’m usually an early riser. I like to blog in the quiet of the morning before the chaos of the day erupts. However, this might be a bit of an extreme for me, as my clock currently says 3:23 am ....more

The Friday Five

Gosh you guys, I can’t even tell you how much I loved reading your comments on yesterday’s post. It was really comforting to me that so many people feel the same way. Y’all are awesome ....more

Mommy Amnesia

I love being a mom. In today’s world of raw honesty, that can surprisingly...more