Huge THANK YOU Giveaway

I hope all my US friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I feel so fortunate to have had another really fabulous Thanksgiving celebration at my Nannie’s house. I haven’t gotten to go through pictures yet, but I think we were 26 people strong this year, and it...more

Gift Ideas for Husbands

Today is all about gifts for husbands! Or boyfriends, dads, brothers, uncles or friends too I suppose. I’m not saying David is getting all of the things listed below, but babe, you need to stop reading here ....more

Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

I’m so excited to share...more

Wild Date Night & Weekly Reads

So, date nights. They are something David and I are trying to make more of a regular occurrence. The girls aren’t tiny babies anymore (sob!) so we are more able to have our wonderful sitter help us out and prioritize our marriage by...more

Simple Kale Salad with a Walnut Vinaigrette

This tender, simple kale salad has only 6 ingredients and comes together quickly to make a healthy, delicious and satisfying lunch! I really tried not to use the word...more

Essential Mealtime Manners for Kids

It feels like just yesterday I was talking all about baby-led weaning, but somehow I blinked and Hailey is 4 years old. Though 4 still seems feels so young, in other ways I’m embracing that she is becoming more of a little girl and less of a toddler. With that comes more...more

Focusing on the Good

I wasn’t quite sure what to come on here and write this morning. When tragedies take place it’s hard to want to just jump on this space and show you my grocery cart. I get how insignificant these posts are in comparison to to the real events...more

Things I’m Loving Lately

Today is supposed to be our last semi-warm day before the highs dip into the 50’s so I’ve already given myself full permission to deck the halls this weekend and I. AM. PSYCHED ....more

Day in the Life: 17 Months & 4 Years Old

Every so often I get the itch to share a typical day around here. I love reading those posts on other blogs and I love having my own to look back on. I’m combed through my archives and realized I tend to write them every 6ish months without realizing it ....more