What I Learned at My Sephora Mini Makeover

I’ve been wanting (needing!) to do a makeup refresh for a long time. Here’s why: My hodgepodge of makeup odds and ends finally became too much for me to sort through. My eyeliner was down to a stub of a pencil ....more

GOTR Maker’s Market & Laketoberfest

We definitely packed a full weekend’s worth of activity into one day, Saturday.David took both girls to soccer bright and early while I went early to downtown Mooresville to help set up for our local Girls on the Run...more

A Day in the Life (This is Why I Meal Plan)

Yesterday was a wonderful fall day. There are so many little parts of our days that I wish I could capture and put in a time capsule. The way Hailey bounds downstairs in the morning rubbing her eyes and telling me about her dinosaur dreams ....more

30 Minute Sweet Potato Butter

This 30 minute sweet potato butter is simple to make and is the perfect fall spread for biscuits, on pancakes, in oatmeal, or even try it on top of ricotta toast. It makes enough to keep a jar for yourself and share the goodness with a neighbor. Enjoy! ...more

Homeschool Preschool: Musings from 1 Month In

I’ve had a few questions about homeschool and how it’s going. I realize it sounds confusing because we are actually doing both preschool and homeschool. I am viewing this as my practice year, since Hailey is not scheduled to go to kindergarten until next fall (2017) ....more

A Rainy Fall Weekend

Rainy Saturdays at the mall aren’t my scene. The crowded parking lots, the sea of people- it just doesn’t sound like fun. Yet somehow, it’s just where we ended up on Saturday ....more

Things I’m Loving Lately

Happy Friday! If you are from Florida or the eastern coastline, I hope you’re somewhere safe and sound. I’ll be thinking of y’all as Matthew moves through ....more

The Phrase That Made Learning to Read “Click”

This simple phrase made reading finally click for my daughter. If your child knows their letter sounds, this may be all you need to have them reading words!...more

8 Delicious Slow Cooker Meals for Busy Fall Weeknights

Don’t waste time and ingredients on crockpot...more

So We Tried Bunk Beds…

I’m 5 days into my first ‘Leaves’ candle of the season and it is almost completely gone. October, you sure do make me smile. We started the weekend off on a pretty exciting foot for these parts ....more