Writing Out My Ideal Schedule

Preschool around here starts back after Labor Day… which is only a little over a week away! What the heck?! That week things will really kick into high gear for us ....more

Moms, Give Yourself the Break You Need with These Two Simple Words

I had such a great weekend away, but inevitably after a break from routine, chores pile up. Sometimes figuratively, and sometimes quite literally. Laundry, cleaning, food prep, etc- I had quite the list ....more

Charleston South Carolina Girls Weekend

What a whirlwind of a weekend! This past weekend 4 of my best college girlfriends and I spent the weekend together for the first time in… honestly, I don’t even know. Years? ...more

Life Lately According to My Phone

I love Dropbox. It’s how I keep track and sort all my photos. It’s especially helpful since we have Lightroom only on the “big” computer, but I do most things from my laptop and phone ....more

Detailed Weekly Meal Plan (August)

If you are looking for healthy and delicious weekly meal planning inspiration, check out my detailed weekly meal plan page! Have I told you that I started using a single notebook for all my weekly meal plans? True to my inner meal planning nerd, I’m really excited about it ....more

5 Things I Always Do After Vacation to Feel Back on Track

Though laundry would certainly top this list, I’m focusing more on steps I take to beat that post-vacation bloat. Somehow between salty sea air, French fries, and afternoon beers I left the beach feeling a little puffy. Even though I don’t throw all healthy eating out the door on vacation (I just feel better if I stick with eating some vegetables and such), I still usually feel ready to clean things up a bit by the time I return home ....more

Hilton Head Island Family Vacation

Have you heard that going somewhere with kids is called a trip, but never a vacation. I used to emphatically nod my head to that, but dare I say that we are slowly starting to turn a corner? Given this was only a 2 day family getaway to Hilton Head Island, but it was incredibly enjoyable ....more

Current Favorite Food Products

Hello from Hilton Head Island! Yes, that’s me, mid kick-over. Mama’s still got it! ...more

Goat Cheese and Pistachio Baked Chicken

This goat cheese and pistachio baked chicken is simple enough to throw together on a week night but...more

Is it Worth Selling Clothes with ThredUP?

I’ve shared a LOT about how much I love thredUP, an online consignment store. Since last November, I’ve placed multiple orders for both myself and the girls. It’s honestly a godsend for kids’ clothes! ...more