Brand Loyalty

My coffee pot broke today.Thank goodness it was after I had already had a few cups. I was just gently cleaning it – I swear and bam a little circle of glass popped out!I think back to high school where I learned about Installed obsolescence – I think I really mean “Planned obsolescence” but really – Why the Heck did my coffee pot break?!...more
poor brian, no coffee for you!more

Inspired by Real Women

This is where I list the Top 5 women in my life that have inspired me to be the best person I can be.  My mom who spends much time on Pinterest and Liking all my photos on my facebook page, my mentor Heidi who helped me to grow as a person, the best former boss ever Julie who gave me her business to control for a year pushed me to fly and finally my Kathy-in-Law who with one lung climbed the Inca Trail with me. ...more