A Toast to the Happy Couple

A best man once said…”I've heard that a best man speech should be as long as it takes for the groom to make love...so thanks everyone, enjoy the night” ...more

This is a great primer on how to be funny. The key is really to avoid inappropriate humor. ...more

Brides, bridesmaids or anyone who knows anyone getting married?

If you fit into any of those categories, Bridelines is the blog for you!  You can find us at http:bridelines.blogspot.com. ...more

Step 1: Admitting You are a Bridezilla

Bridezilla: "A woman who, in the course of planning her wedding, exercises or attempts to exercise a high degree of control over all or many minor details of the ceremony and reception." *please take this post in good humor. If you get offended easily, maybe you should stop reading…now…* Based on stories sent in by our readers, we have consolidated some of our favorite bridezilla moments to share. If you have committed any of these bridal misdemeanors, by virtue of this post, you are now forgiven. Time has passed and your friends have decided to remain in your life – phew! ...more