Music Monday: Briefcase


Back to School Repost Post

As our school and college students prepare to head back to school, I thought I’d go ahead and round up some things I’ve said over the years (mostly, with a couple...more


Taken last year at Laguna Beach: ...more

Music Monday: Sometimes Regulation is Necessary

Usually not this kind, though ....more

Things I Learned at the Gym

Henry Rollins once said that the iron doesn’t lie. And he is correct. The treadmill doesn’t lie either ....more

Detail Work

I wish this picture had come out better. The...more

BAMTOR is Back

Remember that Banks Always Make Their Own Rules? So then here’s a story that has two sides, after a fashion. On one side, banks know that if there’s a back door to their communications that governments can use, there is by definition a back door that Bad Guys can use* ....more

Music Monday: A Little… Well, You Know.

This classic was completed on this date in 1787 ....more

A Whole Weeks Worth of Economy in One Post!

So USA Today has helpful hints for people of my generation towards saving for retirement. Unfortunately they forgot Step 0: have a job with a retirement plan and that pays well enough that you can actually save money. So then, about jobs ....more


Butterflies and hummingbirds like it ....more