Incitement to violence? What is it?

It’s what the Ferguson Police did, and it’s very important right now. Of course my readers knew that before the riots even started. If you’re interested, the Washington Post is going to be keeping track of police shootings ....more

Music Monday: Evening

The sky is a lovely shade of orange ....more

Out of the Shorties

Tama: Stationmaster Tama has passed away; she is survived by her assistant Nitama. ...more

Music Monday: Courthouse Edition

I spent the morning on jury duty. The first group to get called back was about 40 people. The next group was about 80, and I was in it ....more

Things I Learned in Nursing School: Semester 1

Hello everyone. The semester is over, all my classes are past as well as passed, and it’s time to share some insights on what I learned. On Scrubs: Scrubs are at their most basic “sweats you can wear at the hospital.” Someone wearing scrubs will find him/herself doing quite a bit of low to moderate intensity physical activity; I found that on clinical days, I routinely put on 10,000 steps before lunchtime ....more

Oddly Appropriate

So it seems that the $10 bill is about to get a makeover, and a woman’s face will grace the note. She will replace Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was a known, uh, “man about town” ....more

Music Monday: Fun in the Sun

In Closing: Common sense; cat guide; some random Vegas and Nevada stuff; speaking of Vegas; Hillary; and stay dead! ...more


Bad: let’s start off with a few choice items on the TPP, including the full text… HA! Made you look! And she can sing: Ariana tells it how she sees it ....more

I wonder…

Note that at the top of these candles, it says “scented.” What...more