The Woman in Shorties

I Tell You What: These days, writing anything cogent about torture is, well, you know. Important Medical Research:...more

Music Monday: Weezer

In Closing: Reading about the people justifying torture can seem like they are torturing the truth; a few police brutality and racism items; common sense may not be common; TPP; she can’t be trusted to make a decision regarding having a baby, but she can somehow be trusted with a baby. Oh, and one last must read commentary ....more

It’s time for Things I Learned This Semester!

That’s right, another semester is over! If you’re curious about things I’ve learned in the past, please enjoy some links to other posts. So let’s get going with the latest revelations: General: Eventually, the staff in charge of cleaning bathrooms will notice the graffiti on the back of the bathroom stall door ....more

Music Monday: Santa’s been working out.

Some of my readers like a little eye candy. Drop the Bass, Jesus: ...more

Moment of Silence

December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor. Last week, I did see one of these on the road: ...more

The truth is, None of Us Can Breathe

So, please mark December 5, 2014 in your calendars. It is the day that I agreed with George W. Bush, when he said the Eric Garner grand jury results were...more

Music Monday: Ode to the North

Here’s Michael Bublé, proving that he’s from Canada, eh? ...more

A Rant about the Constitution

Some people in Congress — by which I mean Republicans — have been ranting about how the President can’t do this or can’t do that because it’s unconstitutional (even though those accursed commie libruls can point to Republican presidents who have done the exact same thing. Well guess what? I can point to at least two things that Republicans want to destroy that are explicitly required by the Constitution ....more

Music Bonus: Baste that Bird!


Music Monday: Thanks, Johnny

Ladies and Gentlemen, Johnny Cash: ...more