Old news….

So I just came across this little gem from December: Finally, Christian Bale recently said he felt jealous to see Ben Affleck wearing the cape and cowl – do you ever get that? No. Do you know why? ...more

Music Monday: A Little Night Music

If you don’t know Perturbator, you should ....more

Spy Game

I’ve got a lot of Spying On Americans links for you today. Between John Oliver and Ed Snowden simplifying the whole thing down to...more

Music Monday: Nothing Wrong with Me

While looking for some other stats, I learned that almost half of religious Las Vegas residents are Catholic! For contrast during Passover, I present a very, very Protestant preacher doing something very, very unorthodox ....more

The Atticus Shorties


Music Monday: Oh Yeesus.

In Closing: a few words on mass surveillance and encryption; a record warm temperature; antibiotics; an interesting idea (hell, I’d be happy to go back to plain old fashioned metal detectors and no effing Pre-Check); the truth about the Estate Tax and why George W Bush couldn’t find a single widow who lost the family business to pay it to sit in the balcony at the State of the Union Address in 8 years; and some cool places to visit ....more

I’m going to say this again

One more time, nice and slow, since some people don’t get it. Never put anything online that you wouldn’t read out loud or show to your mother, your boss, and a judge. And, let me add, that includes video ....more

About Time

For the longest time, it seemed like the only person truly trying to bring attention to the flaming bag of feces on America’s doorstep known as the Trans Pacific Partnership was Dave Johnson. Thank [deity] he’s so tenacious. Well, now he’s getting some traction ....more

Music Monday: It’s still over a year from now….

So Scott Pelley pointed out that it’s “only” 594 days until the 2016 elections and what were candidates waiting for. Um, what? So anyway I have this survey from the Democrats about Hillary’s potential presidential bid ....more

Music Monday on a Tuesday: Happy St Patricks Day

I see a river and I want to paint it green…. ....more