Music Monday: Memory Games

Ah good, you’re awake! Do you remember anything about last night? No, nothing… Wait! ...more

I sure hope the afterlife has bubblegum

The Earth bids farewell to Rowdy Roddy Piper. In Closing:...more

Lion Hunting


Turn Around, Don’t Drown

Stay out of flood waters. Seriously. If you do stupid stuff in Nevada and have to be rescued, you will be sent a bill ....more

Music Monday: What Are You Still Doing Here?

Damn, this song is catchier than pertussis: Ok, glad he’s staying true rather than cheating. But one question: If he’s so faithful to his lady, why exactly is he in a bar flirting with long-legged women? ...more

An interesting question

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to be working in a facility where, as a matter of patient safety, there were no liners or trash bags in the garbage cans. I think everybody knows that garbage bags can be used to suffocate someone. Granted,...more

On Yoga

I know exactly two true things about yoga: Any pose can be done better. The pose you hate most is the one you need most. If I hear one more person misinterpret...more

People Throw Away the Strangest Things!

For example, what appears to be a perfectly good spiral staircase: ...more

Music Monday: Ocean

In Japan, it’s Sea Day, a day of thankfulness for the bounty of the oceans ....more

Voucher Detente

So, recently the State of Nevada passed a law allowing vouchers for parents to send their Special Snowflakes to private school on the public’s money. I have long been opposed to school vouchers for several reasons and if you’re curious, you can read about them here and here. But it turns out that the Nevada law has a catch: to get the money, the child must be enrolled in a public or charter school for at least 100 days ....more