I wonder…

Note that at the top of these candles, it says “scented.” What...more

Music Monday: Dance!

Walken is an interesting guy. I’m willing to believe he can dance! ...more

Betty is Confused

Um yeah, Betty? Caesar salad usually contains romaine lettuce, not pasta. Yet another example of “good-for-you...more

Got Ink?

Then all is answered! ...more

Music Monday: A Day at the Races

He’s no American Pharoah… ....more



Music Monday: So they tell me there’s a new Mad Max movie.

Now here’s a post apocalyptic landscape for you. Careful on that boss level… ....more

Just Keep Squeezing.

Yeah, just keep squeezing the American people. Keep spying on them while pretending it’s for their own good — does anybody think they will stop just because a judge said so? Keep saying that if you have a bad job it’s your own damn fault, so shut up and eat your crap wages and your crap hours that make it impossible to do anything to improve your lot ....more