What Not To Wear

In my opinion, patients across America should be outraged. We should be up in arms. We should protest. We should picket the hospital entrance. We should demand better. The current state of affairs is unacceptable! No, I am not using this blog to share my unsolicited opinions on the healthcare reform sweeping this great nation. No, kind reader, I believe patients everywhere should be protesting... ...more

Hello, Please look @ the alternative to a hospital gown that was invented and patented in 2006. ...more

How Are You Doing These Days?

Think about the phrase "How are you doing?" Everyday, in every city across the globe, hundreds of people are asking that very question. Mothers ask sons over phone calls, girlfriends ask over a glass of wine, long lost friends connect over coffee, doctors ask patients as they give a pat down. You probably asked your co-worker or neighbor this very question when you saw them first thing this morning. ...more