Friday’s Fab Find: Bombas Socks

One of the oddest side effects of writing these columns is you often find yourself having strong opinions about things you didn’t think you could ever have a strong opinion on. Such as “Wow these are really great panties!” or “Wow this is a really great t shirt!” Now I have a new sentence; “Damn these are really great socks!” Bombas Socks Listening to my second favorite Podcast “How did this get made?”, a show which discusses the world’s worst movies (Staying Alive & Xanadu...more

How to Create Multiple Stylish Outfits Using Accessories

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Friday’s Fab Find: The Sleeper Scarf

There are few things that I appreciate more than when a fashion accessory has a functional side. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great scarf but a great scarf that helps you get some sleep on a red eye? Now that’s something to talk about ....more

Exclusive Offer: 50% Off Virtual Styling Services with Bridgette Raes

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Throwback Thursday: Floral Prints to Work, Gold Necklaces and Commando Underwear

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How to Accessorize a White Summer Dress

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