Color Me Happy

I can divide the years of my life into colors.When I was young, before any siblings, my color was shadow gray. Dark corners and cloudy skies, hallways and bedrooms and closets with very little light. My memories are unfinished and rough around the edges, like I'm straining to see too hard inside my head. ...more

My Five Year Letter

Dear self,We just came home from a night in Burbank and by we I'm not talking royalty. My husband pulled the best impression of your young self that I've ever seen, head lolling to one side, deep breaths in and out as the street lights lit his mohawk between on-ramps and off-ramps so narrow they may actually have been blue prints for the Death Star. Tonight was magical and mystical and still a road block....more

How Veronica Mars Changed the Game

I've never actually seen Veronica Mars. The closest I've ever come to this show is eating at the 24-hour diner next to the set in San Diego. They have really good onion rings. And a pear and gorgonzola salad that is to die for. But I digress.The cast (and some crew) of the show garnered worldwide attention a few weeks ago by starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make a sequel-type movie for the show. Apparently, Warner Bros. agreed that if at least $2 million was made, they'd take on the project....more

"Ender's Game" Is My Favorite Book But the Author Disappointed Me

When I first came across Ender's Shadow, I fell head over heels. It was young, it was dystopian, it was brilliant. It was one of the first books that made me think about how I acted, how people around me acted. It stayed with me for weeks after I put it down. Science fiction, tactics, reflections of historical entities...and then I realized it had a series. A prequel. Ender's Game sits proudly on our shelf at home (we have two copies!). ...more
Oh no! That is disappointing news. It's a dealbreaker of an issue for me too, in terms of being ...more

I Can't Afford Kids, Either

I read an article on nbcnews today about newlyweds and affording kids and I thought, "That could be us!"...more
I definitely agree, I actually just wrote an article about how couples put off getting married ...more

What a Graffiti Tag Taught Me

I work on the edge of a forest. If by work you mean run errands and guzzle coffee, and by forest you mean freeway in the Laboratory district of Irvine. As I walk to work every day from the train station, I pass a sticker that someone has pasted to the back of a street sign....more