Our First Tasting Event...

Our first tasting event is over. We put a lot of love into our recipes and concepts and it was so wonderful to get outside perspectives and feedback on everything. Overall we gathered valuable feedback. Of course some items need to be tweaked, you know, loved a little more and held a little tighter before they are 'done'. We welcome the opportunity to continue working on our creations.  We were delighted to hear from friends who are in the food industry or are 'foodies' and want to help us out.  What an amazing way to spend time with friends.  We look forward to the future....more

Welcome and About US!

Welcome to our very first blog post.  We can't even being to describe how excited we are to  be fullfilling our dreams of nourishing children and helping busy parents!Bright Child Lunch Box was born out of a deep desire to nurture our little ones during what could be the most important time of their day during the school year, LUNCH TIME!  After we attended lunch at our own childrens' schools, we saw a big gap (ok, black hole) in the nutrition.   Thus began our purpose in life, how to provide the best nutrition for our children and yours!...more