A Christmas of smaller proportions and when family treats you like a child

This is the first Holiday that we have had in this new shifted perspective.  Not that we haven't had lean Christmases in the past.  But, we were students then and they were to be expected.  Now, we thought that each Christmas was to get a bit better than the last.   Given the news that I keep hearing, I suspect I am not alone in saying that this is not the grandest Christmas ever in the way of gift-giving.  ...more

Of Wardrobes and Schedules

So my husband has started substitute teaching this past week.  It's great to see him back getting up and about in the mornings and have some place to go.  However, he is stuck in the in-between as far as wardrobe.  This morning he wore to school dress pants and a underarmour overshirt (really honey)  was he jogging somewear?  He is struggling with the casual nature of the classroom versus the very formal world of the law firm (his former ground)  I understand the struggle, but the hybrids for right now are very funny.  I expect to see sneakers and a suit a...more

The anxiety of it all

So, with Hubby not working and changing his focus to his dream job which will alter our lifestyle. I've realized over the past few months that my income is what will bring in the money and provide the security for us over our lives.  This has lead to an ever increasing anxiety level.  Combine this with the never-ending stream of news stories of women being the new-breadwinners in this economy when men are losing 75% of the jobs and it is enough to bring me to tears. ...more

The Great Hubby Off Ramp

So, it has been more than two months since my husband was let go from his job. In that time I realized that these stories about the recession affecting the men more than the women while true in numbers are missing a key part of the story.  The women are definitely affected. I am now sole breadwinner and head honcho in our house.  With the recent decisions that my husband has made to leave the rat race in his former career, I will be the primary bread winner from here on out. ...more