Reading Between the Lines: Conversation with My 14 Year Old

My conversation with my son yesterday morning went something like this:Him: Can I go to Kareem's birthday party tomorrow?Me: Sure....more

Death Becomes Me

Death Becomes Me   ...more

Things I Invent at My Day Job, Like Spankles

@brisher7 my image of the song "wild fire" is changed this day forward! Belly laugh! Hugs, Karymore

I'm So Tough I'm Like That Guy in Silverado

@HomeRearedChef Me too. Love it. I've never seen Tombstone so now I need to watch that.more

Abs Start in the Kitchen

I gave up being very strict on my Atkins diet (20 grams is just not enough), but it is still my ...more

A Very Short Blog About Osteoporosis and Brad Pitt

I just want to say that I like Brad Pitt. OH, and I also liked the post. *Smile!* ~Virginiamore

My 13 Year-Old Loves a Refreshing Cocktail

Very funny-- even though I'm a label reader, sometimes I find myself bringing home decaf ...more

I'm Cleaning My Oven

As I sat, rather knelt, in my shower yesterday cleaning the floor, I thought about how nice it was to have a cleaning lady, if only briefly....more

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for reading my blog. I didn't see your comment until a month ...more