Egyptian Feminist Blogger Draws Ire For Nude Photos

Twenty-year-old Aliaa Magda Elmahdy caused an uproar yesterday when the Egyptian college student posted nude photos of herself on her (very NSFW) blog, Rebel's Diary. Even in post-revolution Egypt, debates over censorship and gender discrimination are often heated. What can be said? Change takes a long time, and revolution doesn't happen in a day. ...more
Being a feminist in the Western world, I'm cautious to be objective about feminist actions and ...more

Sexual Harassment: Widespread Problem in Middle, High Schools

Think back to middle and high school. (Some of us have to think harder than others.) Did a boy ever snap your bra in the hallway? Did anyone ever call you a "slut" or a "whore"? Were you ever labeled a lesbian for playing basketball or having lots of male friends? Did anyone ever send you graphic pictures via email or spread rumors about you online? If so, you are sadly not alone.  ...more
@BlogHer Six Ways Dads and Moms can Help Daughters Deal with Harassment.more

Why Teaching LGBT History in Public Schools Combats Gender-Based Harassment for Young Women

Most women who end up engaged in activism to combat gender-based harassment were initially propelled towards the work based on personal experience. An author, longtime activist, and my good friend Mandy Van Deven is one such person. For more than a decade, she’s worked as a tireless organizer to encourage public discussion about gendered violence and youth empowerment. Earlier this year, she wrote this account of her first experience of feeling intimidated in public:...more

Holly Kearl: Stopping Street Harassment

“Like them boobs!!”  ...more

I'd never say I feel threatened by the lewd comments men make to me on the street. I can kick ...more