Britt for PRESIDENT!!

Welp.... so it’s been a while since I have blogged, no doubt!  I have had so much going on and I haven't really had time to sit down and write, so here goes nothing! ...more

The Secret to Living Until You're 99!!!

Have you ever seen an individual over the age of 90 and wondered to yourself, I wonder what their secret to a long life is?  Well, I just so happen to have had the privledge of speaking with a 99 year old woman, and that was exactly what I asked her!  It was a bit difficult to get the precise answer, due to her very hard hearing and my speed talking I tend to babble, but we evintually got to the nitty gritty.  I asked, "If you were to be asked what is the secret to having such a long life, what would you say?".  She paused to look up at me and scratched her head full of ...more

You can learn a lot from a child!

While watching a regularly scheduled television program tonight I had a flush of thoughts over come me as I was watching a scene regarding a young child taking gnomes from a neighbor hood and putting them in his families garage.  The mother went to the garage to get something to take to the house and noticed a large pile in her garage covered with a blanket.  She drew her attention from what she was doing and went to pull off the blanket.  Under this old shag blanket she found a large stack of yard ornaments that had previously been reported by some of the neighb...more

Do you want to be a millionaire!?

       Do you suppose if you were handed a million dollars right now it would fix all of your problems?  Money seems to be the one thing people try to get ahold of to fix all problems but is it really what we need to fix?       I have been doing some much needed soul searching and I have come to the conclusion that all the money in the world will not fix all your problems.  You have to be completly confident with who you truly are within yourself to honestly feel "full".  I believe humans are born with a sens...more

How to keep going even when you're completely exhausted!!!

Life is a funny little thing isn't it!?  It never stops and it will never cease to amaze you.  If you feel you can't go any further, you have just about got it figured out!  Sounds cliche doesn't it, but it makes sense!  Life is about learning how to handle the rough stuff, about figuring out how to get that full feeling inside of yourself, well you want to know the answer, just do it!  I have researched out my wazoo to try and find the solution to make me happier, healthier, hell even just to find some way for me to stop bitching and venting so much about everythin...more

I concur…………Life is funny like that……No matter how frustrated, upset, angry, and feeling like ...more

Everyone has a story, this is a little of mine.....

  June 2006 my life forever changed.  I was going to college full time and working in stage performance for a very large theater company and very happily persuing my dreams until I made the choice to have a one night stand that would leave a lasting impact, I would findd out after a month of being pregnant! ...more
Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the thoughts! I feel however I have made a strong ...more

Jobs are scarce and bosses are asses!!

Here I do go!  I must say, life is to short to be ugly, dont you think?  Well apparantly my boss doesnt think so.  Now let me say, I know there are some amazing bosses out there, and dont take this as Im out to bash every single work place there ever was, cause Im not.  What I am out to vent about is those bosses that are complete asses and you dont give them any reason to be.  Its so hard to find good jobs out there and when you just think you might have found an amazing job, you find out your boss is an ass!  Now I understand there are logical reasons for bos...more