Creating A Great New Years Party Playlist

For some people, creating that great party playlist is an elusive unicorn that they will probably never capture fully.  However, if you go check out my latest blog post, I have given you great tips in using some of what you have learned from blogging and social media to assist you in creating an awesome playlist for your New Years Party, or for that matter, any entertainment event you have in the future! Here is the direct link to this post, click here.  Also, feel free to check out the rest of my lifestyle blog!...more

Blogging Insurance?! and Bloggers' Rights

Lately, everywhere online we are hearing about bloggers' rights being infringed upon. There are those who want to limit what is said by online journalists and bloggers. The situation as it stands, is in one word, insane.There are insurance companies that may drop your umbrella policy if they find out you are a blogger, and, if that wasn't crazy enough, there is "blogger insurance." In the law and insurance jargon, it is known as Media Liability Insurance Products. In order to purchase this outrageous insurance policy, you have to go through a broker or a licensed agent....more