this sucks so much

why is it that i feel like if my boyfriend of 8months left, noone else would care if i just disapeared  of the face of the plant. my famlily doesnt care about me. i have no the only one that cares is the one that wants to spend the rest of his life with me. i have a lot of personal problems that make me feel so alone....sometimes i think if i killed myself he will move on he will find another girl in no time....but the thing about that is he doesnt want anyone else....just me....i have never been so inlove with anyone in my whole life....more

The Nightmare of my 16 year old self

I fight this battle all for what seems to be my whole life... I really cant explain it, maybe its the control, maybe its just so that for once I can control how much pain I feel...How much i bleed...I have an addiction I have been fighting for a long time now, but for the first time I can say that today, 2-12-14 I have not cut in 8months and 2days. Now that may not seem like a big deal to anyone, but thats a freaking mile stone for me. ...more
For everyone that took the time to read that, thank you. it was hard for me to write && its nice ...more

Lost in Wonderland

I cant drown my demons, they have learned to swim...I can only run for so long, before they catch up to me...I can only fight for so long, untill they win...I wont give up that easy, I still have a little fight left in me...But when I fall I hope you'll be there to catch me, or help me find my way back......more
Thanks to the people that read this any comments feel freemore