My Home Improvement Lesson: Do it Right the First Time

I bought my first home about 2 years ago and it was missing one little thing that can prove to be very important to a woman that lives by herself  (or really anyone who is safety conscious)--a peephole.  So a couple of weeks ago, after yet another unannounced visitor came knocking on my door, I decided to take care of the problem--get a peephole!!...more
"Doing it right the first time" can also be adapted to businesses. Well, in everything in life, ...more

My Very First Blog

I stumbled across searching "how to hard boil eggs".  I know, right?  I made it to 30ish and do not know how long you need cook eggs to get them to hard boiled!  It's not that I don't know how too cook--really I am a pretty good cook, but some how the egg boiling thing was lost on me this morning....more

I've never boiled an egg in my life. On that note, I'm looking forward to reading your future blogs.more