Post Partum Blues

It was so exciting having my new baby girl. She was absolutely beautiful and such a good baby. So why wasn’t I happier? I could not stop crying and no matter how deep down I searched, I could not find that joy that I knew that I should be feeling. What was wrong with me that this incredible blessing was not enough to make me happy? Does this mean that I am not a good mother and that there is something wrong with me? ...more

Divorce Needs a Grieving Period

Many women feel totally betrayed in the process of divorce. The reasons for getting the divorce seem to become secondary to the split of assets, maybe the custody arrangements and the wrenching apart of the loyalties of adult children. Women usually come out worse on all fronts and are very emotionally damaged by the whole process. The fear and self doubt sets in. ...more

Thanks for sharing this. It's really painful to go through this process and you describe it ...more