Say What? "American Voters Don't Like Older Women"

Why should I care?Why am I letting it bother me that I heard yet another conversation telling me older women are distasteful and irrelevant?The source of the specious judgment was a commentator I formerly admired, Melissa Harris-Perry, age 39, educated in my home state at venerable North Carolina colleges Wake Forest and Duke University. She’s a professor of political science at Tulane University in New Orleans....more
@Kraken I thought I would have calmed down about the whole thing, but the comment is still ...more

Quitting the Q: Goodbye, Home Shopping

I’m coming out of the closet as a former viewer of QVC. Sadly, I can’t stomach it anymore. Yes, the astronomical prices of gold and silver have taken a little zest from my life. Goodbye, QVC.For those of you who are sane, reasonable people who don’t watch television shopping, QVC is the biggest shopping network. On TV for over 20 years now, the company got its hold over cuckoo Americans like me by hawking gold and silver jewelry. Oh, and of course cubic zirconias, the diamond look-alikes that once sparkled in my ears....more
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My "Ashley Judd" Moment: 34AAA and Saggy?

Ashley Judd, 44,  was in the news recently for her eloquent rebuttal after negative comments made about her face being "puffy" in a photo and some media mavens assuming she’d had “work done” or was “letting herself go.”Judd asked women to share one of the moments when they were shamed about their appearance.The first moment that came to mind was when I was 23. Yes, 23. I worked as a sous chef in a non-air conditioned restaurant kitchen in the American South. Hot!...more
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Stalking Steve: My Primal Grill Crush

The recent alleged stalking of Alec Baldwin got me thinking. Uh-oh.  Very dangereuse, me, thinking.Alec Baldwin? Pphht. Come on.If I were a stalker, I could do waayyy better than Alec Baldwin. If I were a stalker, I would stalk Steve Raichlen. (Note to FBI: this is completely hypothetical and represents no intent to commit an illegal act.)...more
Love Steve Raichlen. I have a copy of How to Grill that is incredibly worn and coated with ...more

Middle-Age: Am I There Yet?

A random tweet from Bookalicious Pam asked, "What is middle age?"So very far up my alley, I had to write a post. I'd love to know what you think about middle age.
 @isthisthemiddle  What a positive attitude. I like it! I haven't seen a guy who ...more

Cut the Clamor: Accessories for the Disturbed

In yet another installment of Tales from Menopause…I have squishy foam ear plugs stuffed in my ears. They come in a little cardboard box from the drugstore, and sell for about $2.00. Such a small price to pay for saving a smidge of sanity.With these plugged-up ears, I can hear my own breathing, my heartbeat, and not much else....more
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Pinterest Pleasures: Am I Shallow?

Why yes, yes I am. Let me tell you why.Menopausal depression and mood swings should be my comfortable old friends by now. Except, of course, that I hate them.I swing from blue, to cranky, to angry, to teary, to sweet as pie, to wanting to pull my hair out, to wanting to pull YOUR hair out. I don’t even know you, you say? Doesn’t matter. I still want to snatch you bald, then hug you tightly and cry on your shoulder.Uh-huh. You talking to me? You talking to ME?I love you. You have sparkly eyes. May I gently pinch your cute round cheek?...more
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Tell Me A Story, Regina

I’ve given shout-outs and bloggy-love to my internet pals in previous blog posts. But the way R.K. Ryals and I came together as friends is more quirky than most.About six years ago, we had secretary, Sabrina, in the English department at the community college where I’m an instructor. Sabrina mentioned when they were young girls, her twin sister, Regina, like a little Scheherazade, often made a blanket-tent and told Sabrina fabulous stories by flashlight. ...more
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Ode to My Memory

Have you heard the informal test for Alzheimer’s?Did you forget where you put your car keys? If so, not to worry. Did you forget what the car keys are for? If so, there may be a problem.My memory has developed a few quirks. I DO still have a memory, so that’s something. I still know what the car keys are for. I don’t always know what today's date is, but can usually figure it out if I think it over carefully. Well, within one or two digits, anyway....more
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Making Him Proud: A Letter From a Student

It's the second day of my English composition class at community college. The assignment for the first ten minutes is for students to write a letter of introduction to me.They freak-out just a wee bit.A letter? To you? Right now?Some start writing almost immediately; some fret and chew their pens a bit. Almost all of them check the clock to see how long this agony? / delight? will last....more
 @isthisthemiddle Will await info from you on whether we can do anything.  What a great guy her ...more