Creative Defiance And The Well-adjusted Child

A friend of mine likes to tell her dogs they've made "bad choices," and while I'm not necessarily equating child-rearing and dog training, there are some parallels. For example, I'm not really a morning person, but having a toddler roaming around the house pre-dawn with poop dripping out of his pajama leg and wielding a butter knife sort of gets the adrenaline pumping sans alarm clock, if you know what I mean....more

I don't want to talk about Jesus.

Visiting the in-laws, I walk around their neighborhood, my son toddling a few steps ahead. It's Christmas in Florida, which means warm, and trips to the beach, and lots of walks to turn down the toddler who is running on high since we spent the last ten hours in the car. We come across a man playing basketball with his son in their driveway. They smile at us. "Merry Christmas," I tell him. "Merry Christmas," he replies. "Do you go to church around here?" No, not here. ...more
Yes, I agree with you. Does that mean we should make a church and turn our unbelief's into ...more

Human is as human does, smart one.

Up until last month, my internet usage was limited pretty much to obsessively checking my inbox, my Facebook feed, and loitering in a state of passive watchfulness for the ideal craft-time-waster/eat-cake-and-die-happy-recipe on things like craftgossip and designsponge and ohfranson, and lolling around dooce and girlsgonechild and other places with a sense of i-wish-i-could-do-that but I'd need another lifetime, and i-will-never-be-that-good (but just keep trying). [P.S. Don't read the GGC link if you're prone to sentimental waterworks and privately bawling over your child's incessant growing up like I am.]Somewhere along the way (and six-thousand-page-views) I went from voyeur to valiant charger in point two seconds. What?I also seem to have missed my rabies shot this life, so I have a hard time letting go of idiots when they poke me in the face. They get stuck in my teeth and give me IBS and I'm starting to think it would be wise to go on a diet, or make a life change, or start working out my frustrations with some resistance training and a treadmill instead of chasing after juvenile delinquents....more

Saying "I Do" to "Sexy Bride Disease" and Other First World Problems

Somewhere, out there, the strapless wedding dress is making people feel bad, and activists are encouraging women to "just say no" to looking bad on the big day.This is possibly less exciting than the invention of panties that prevent camel-toe, and likely less problematic, but moving on. photo credit Robert PeateThis should probably go ahead and just go on the list of First World Problems for the day, but since "Say Yes to the Dress" is still kind of on my bad-TV-respite radar -- (meaning, I watch Teen Mom, et. al because (a) it makes me feel better about my life and (b) it requires zero brain cells and (c) it's one of many televised drama's I get to feel all judgey about in the privacy of my own home, because I'd never spend a jillion dollars on a dress [more like 100]) -- I thought I'd weigh in....more
The sexy bride disease is really in bad taste. A bride should be happy on her wedding day, not ...more

There is no balance, just a balancing act.

I wish someone had told me, you are going to have the same problems once you have kids, you are going to feel unfulfilled, you are going to feel lost, you are going to suffer.I wish someone had told me, you are going to feel that you have failed, but you’ll be wrong. I wish someone had told me, you’re going to get through, you are stronger than you seem, your faults, your fears, are only one part of you....more

Making good on anger, loneliness, and growing up

 The other day was just one of those days. I hung stuff on the clothesline and it rained. I celebrated The Kid peeing in the potty and he put his foot in it. I spent the whole morning sweeping, mopping, folding, vacuuming, turning knobs, closing drawers, chopping food, wiping up buts and spills and counters and crumbs and by the end of the day I had nothing to show for it. I looked around and it was as if I'd done nothing but pop bonbons all day and watch soaps and feed the kid cheezits and soggy bread....more