We were here too

I know that by now everyone has probably read the article by Allison Tate that made Mom's everywhere photobomb every picture they possibly could with their children.Until I read this article I was suffering under the same thing as the writer. Always behind the camera, always shouting "Say cheese! Look here! Smile cute!" but never actually carrying those actions out myself....more

The Three Duties of A Wife

What makes you a good mother?

Last week doing my daily Facebook rounds I saw Mama Knows It All send out that they chose to have a baby so they are choosing to be a good mom. Nothing wrong with that at all. Motherhood is much like marriage. You chose every day how you are going to interact with that husband or that kid right?But it got me wondering, how do you know you are a good mom? And is it bigger than choosing to be a good mom?...more

13 Lies We Tell Ourselves

Last week I found this hilarious & completely true list of 50 Lies That Are Ok to Tell Your Husband. So I decided to do a little spin of my own.13 Lies that We Tell Ourselves1. I’ll mop the floor tomorrow.2. I’m sexy and I know it.3. I’m really good at making headbands. I should sell them on Etsy....more

O.P.P.{K} aka Other Peoples Precious Kids

I have meant to blog for sometime now about being a parent who does not like kids, but every time I tried it seemed to bomb well before paragraph 2. But today as I sat out on the sunny bench at the playground being a parent who doesn't like kids came back to me....more

Silver Lining Parenting

I am only a little bit ashamed to say that the episode of Modern Family from last week where Lily drops the F bombs has happened in my own house a few gazillion times. It is completely my/our fault as we/I {but mostly me} cuss like Bible school students who have been more or less kicked out of a g<odly establishment, possibly because that is exactly what I am....more

5 Blogging Trends that should disappear in 2012

 5 Blogging Trends We Could Do Without in 2012...more

Mothering in your 20s

On my 21st birthday I was sitting on my sofa watching Sex & The City, eating Chipotle & nursing a baby. There was no dropping it like it was hot, no plastering my vagina all up on some window for everyone to see like Snookie, & the stumbling you saw at 2 in the morning was picking up a baby for a feeding & not the sign of a good time....more

My Blogging Journey: Getting Lost To Be Found

Many moons ago—when my baby was not a 3-year-old pre-school attendee who has successfully stopped saying "fuck" & now says "fudge"—but a tiny 5-month-old, I decided I should start a blog. I remembered one day while sitting on my sinking couch that I once had a blog that I enjoyed writing on. And so I decided I should be a mommy blogger....more
@oxuazfreva Ada yang bisa bantu saya follow di blog saya, http://t.co/83gtvANt Terimakasih ...more

Want to get known?

It seems every day there is another app to download, site to sign up for, or lingo you need to learn. Our new digital world is fast moving & always changing.Be that as it may, there are a lot of great benefits of the ever changing. It means more opportunities for people like us to take advantage of....more