The Yard Sale :: Selling Our Symbols

Yard sales are hard. And I don't mean the sorting and the cleaning and the pricing. I mean hard on the heart! We recently decided to end our adoption process in order to focus more fully on our daughter's needs as a child with inattentive type ADHD.    That was a hard enough decision. ...more

I Thought I was Going to Rome :: ADHD / ADD Had Other Plans

I remember hearing a mother of a child with disabilities speak once about her experience. She talked about parenthood as a journey....more

Stay Warm :: A Kid's Fingerless Mitten Knitting Pattern

The 'Stay Warm' mittens are perfect hand warmers for kids on cool autumn mornings! Knit these fingerless mitts in an evening, using scraps or a bit of  favorite yarn....more
Go for it!! They are very simple once you get the hang o fthe dpns.. which I never really enjoy LOLmore

Monster Mending :: Super Fun Knee Patches

I do not like mending (really, who does?). But I love the idea of turning a gaping hole in a favourite pair of jeans into an adorable monster!...more
@sassymonkey I'm over 40 and I'm totally doing this. Feel better?more

Creative Kids :: Sharpie 'Tie Dye' Party

Safe & easy dyeing with kids!...more
An excellent idea! This would be a fun weekend craft with the kids :)more

The Cake :: A Saga in Eight Layers (Part Deux)

...when we last left our intrepid heroine (me!) the six layer rainbow cake has slid like an avalanche down an Alpine slope......more
Way to make cakeballs out of spilled cake! Smart way to save the cake -- and the day.more

The Cake :: A Saga in Eight Layers

I don't mean Saga, the prog rock band from Oakville, Ontario (sorry to disappoint!). I mean The Saga of the Birthday Cake That Wouldn't Be....more
Oh. My. God. This. This is why I do not attempt things that I believe are best left to ...more

Life Lessons From a Horse:The First Fall

They say the first fall is the hardest. I think they mean for the rider, but let me tell you, it is no picnic for the mother, either! I have been writing about Rowan's (almost 6) experience learning to ride a horse~ a desire she has held for the better part of her 6 years.  You can find past posts HERE....more
Thank you! She is brave and I admire her courage! She rode again this week... she was confident ...more

The Power of Silk :: Caring for Nature's Gift

As a creator of playsilks and silk toys, I naturally think silk is a wonderfully potent fiber, wont to entice even the most unlikely of children into creative, active play... but it is also very strong....more

Operation Lucy Bird :: Remembering a Loved One

"Celebrate Life & Love" This is the tag on the wee fabric bird that arrived in our mailbox last week. A call to be thankful for all that we have, and to hold our loved ones close....more