Empty Box + Rainy Day =

Make a place to recycle paper out of an old box and unwanted paper. Read how here. ...more

Garden-Fairy Houses | bubbalulu.com

Spring is here, and so are the the garden fairies. Garden fairies come out at night when everyone is asleep and help your flowers grow. If you make them a beautiful home and put it in the garden your flowers will flourish and your veggies will plump. And when it rains, the fairies will have somewhere dry to hide. ...more

Old Clothes Pillows | bubbalulu.com

When clearing out the closet to make room for all the amazing after-holiday finds, be sure to put aside a few graphic-T’s and interesting fabrics for sewing projects like this one… ...more

Animal Totem Ribbon

The Animal Totem Ribbon is a fun and adorable craft that anyone can do... with a little adult help! It involves salt, flour, paint, an oven, and getting a bit messy. Here is a little preview in pictures... the whole craft is written on our blog, bubbalulu.com: make stuff and have fun! ...more

Art Box, Jr. (gift kit)

Put together an art-kit for your kids this year, great as a gift (or travel helper)! All you need are a few simple supplies to get you going... please click on the picture to read the entire post! ...more

Decoy Buttons

I’m all about getting kids started out early on computers, and if you’re reading this, you probably are too.. but babies? Argh! Show them PBSkids.com once, and it’s all over!! You’ll never get an alone moment with your computer again... what's the fix?? Decoy Buttons (please click the pic to read on...) ...more

Make a Gift... Doll in a Bag (kit)

Hip new site comes equip with a family friendly arts-n-crafts blog. For the holiday season we are featuring great gifts you can make. Today's idea is ... Doll in a Bag. Find out all the details on our blog... http:bubbalulu.com/blog/ Click Here to Go! ...more