AUTISM: MedicAlert AK Autism Band Launch

Ok, so most of you probably know by now that April is Autism Awareness month.{If you follow me on Twitter, you will be in no doubt at all by now!}...more


I was reading something my friend posted on Plurk the other day, about  scientists creating autistic mice. I had read about this in the paper, and wasn’t really convinced by the whole thing. However, I do find any and all research into autism worth at least listening to....more

This is exactly how I see both of my sons. Autism isn't everything about them, but it is part ...more

Resolutions and New Beginnings

New Year’s Resolutions – do you have them? I know lots of you do. There has been much talk on Twitter, Plurk and forums about them for the last few weeks. Any time someone asks me what my resolutions are, I tell them that I don’t have any. Usually, that is true. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. For me, it’s a waste of time....more

You are soooo on it this year :)

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No More a Twentysomething

So, it’s here at last. Thirty years ago today I entered this crazy, crazy world. A tiny little slip of a thing (yes, really – I was referred to as a “skinny little bat”!) I was born in the middle of a month that guaranteed me a lifetime of friends being too poor to celebrate with me, restaurants full of office parties and people giving me joint birthday/Christmas gifts....more

My Brain is Too Loud!

I think I may have mentioned before just how much Chipmunk loves his new teacher, Miss Dillon. He is completely in love with her, and she is so wonderful with him! ...more

She does, doesn't she? I'm so pleased he has her this year :)

Thanks for reading and taking ...more