Dating Seems to be Awfully Dangerous these Days...

Dating is difficult I"ll tell you that.Looking at the news stories these days, it seems to be getting a tad dangerous ....Just when you think you’ve the perfect date with beauty and brains.....The sweet, lovely Miss Kendra Gill. You’re SO intrigued by her love for chemistry. Than she bombs. Quite Literally.“Beauty Queen Arrested in Bomb Making and Bomb Throwing”...more

You're Never Alone

Today, a whole community of readers and Bloggess fans connected over a very simple post and question. I’ve had days, weeks or periods where I’ve been miserable where I felt everything was going wrongYou might know the frustration: some days, I’d wake up and nothing would go right the whole day! When my coffee machine broke down on an already crappy day, I felt nothing in my favor. Not even the simplest thing!...more

I'm dying to Connect with guys, I want Corpse Guy's Number!

Those of you following NaBloMoPo where this month's theme is Connect, well, let me say, I'm dying to connect with guys over interesting conversations.... It's hard to find guys you can have a decent conversation with besides replies that sound like grunts. So find me a guy who I can have interesting conversations with and I'm There!This will all make more sense as you get to the end of the post.... I think....  "I guess it depends on what you’re using them for...."  ...more

Because there isn't enough butter in Croissant....

I have a soft spot for croissant. Especially freshly baked croissant with its unmistakable aroma and alluring call saying “Have me! I’m perfectly warm, flaky, and buttery!”I walked into a new cafe this morning and the lovely smell of baking croissant hit me the moment I opened the door. It was a little expensive for factory dough croissant (the kind that comes in a slab and you pinch it out and roll it and leave it in the oven to bake.) But the aroma was too much for me. I HAD to have a croissant....more