A Little Further Back...More History of Our Diet Over the Years

So, in the history catching up of yesterday, I decided I needed to take you further back in our food history. Healthy eating hasn’t always been on the top of our heads, infact, we, for a long time, wanted to eat healthy, but all our actions showed otherwise....more

Why Wholesome foods...a look back...

Okay, so we are starting this journey to eating a more wholesome diet. Why? you ask. Well it all started in reality just a few weeks ago.... ...I have been on the Master Cleanse (therawfoodsite.com). Having gone through this journey of freeing my body of toxins, I have come to the conclusion that unless I drastically change how and what we eat, I will just stay in the same spot forever. I spent an entire day researching organic recipes and how to can and other similar topics....more