EQUALITY: If not now, when?

I want to credit J. Barnaby for taking the ideas of my students and synthesizing them so they highlight why the ERA is important and timely. Clearly, when women succeed, society succeeds. Please take a moment to sign the petition and share it with others. In 6 days, they achieved 1200 signatures. Imagine what would happen if every person who read this, signed.http://chn.ge/McVM62...more

The Equal Rights Amendment: The Time Has Come

The Equal Rights Amendment is neither a blue issue nor a red issue, it is above all else, a human issue.E-R-A. These three letters have struck fear in some, outrage in others and hope in many.  Yet, in 2013, questions have been raised: Why the ERA? Aren’t things good the way they are? Why fix it if it is not broken?...more

Do you remember your Wrong Guy?

Love this song by Whitney Wolanin. She shows how people can let outside noise negatively affect their relationships. Though shown from the high school perspective, some things never really change....more

What if we just got REAL?

"Does it ever get exhausting?" I asked one of my students who comes into class each day with so many walls around her, that I can never really know if she is hearing what myself and others are saying."Yes, it does," she replied.  She knew what I was talking about with that one simple question.And yet rather than shake it off or blow me off, she simply said, "I don't know anything else."...more

Feminist Hype of "Sisterhood"- At the Expense of Young Women?

An empowered tweet. A promise to reach the next generation of young women. An interview on national television about how young women are overlooked and therefore limited by our society is spotlighted on the news. A photo opportunity of the figurehead among a group of teens to show that there is a connection to the individuals being served. A dire request for funding reaches the inbox imploring donors to keep the "education" of our young women going so we do not lose the ability to make a difference....more

Thank you Glora Steinem

http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?section=news/education&id=8422756 For nearly an hour, Gloria Steinem spoke with my students.  You would not know that she probably had a million other things to do, including a book to finish, or a Lifetime Achievement Award to receive that night from Glamour. She was poised, confident, and as one colleague put it, completely unapologetic for her views, beliefs and honest responses. In other words, she was simply Gloria....more

Project Cold Call Step 1: Distinguishing Dreams from Goals

As people begin to assess what they want in life, they have to be honest about whether or not they are taking active steps in their life to achieve their goals. A dream is just that, a dream.  A  goal; however, entails failure, success and learning. For people to truly know themselves and their goals, they must be aware....more

The Journey Begins for Project Cold Call - Phase I

I had the opportunity to change my life and I am taking advantage of it.  I will not embark upon the journey alone though, as I am going on this journey with an excited and adventurous group of 43 students who are willing to share in 44 different experiences. ...more

I Believe in... Gloria Steinem

I was determined that Gloria Steinem would speak to my high school women's studies class. Thankfully, she has proven to be willing. Now, my students will have the opportunity to learn from and question a woman who has had such a profound impact on our history and our world. I can't wait for November 7th....more

Are You Really Willing To Die For A Color?

A class alum stopped by to see me today. I told her that when I see articles about students from the class, I do not want to see it under the crimes section.  She claims blue and is apparently considered the shot caller for the young women on our campus who claim the same color.  Did I mention that I had no clue about this during the entire time she was in the class? ...more

... of people who don't understand gangs. I get that the color is a symbol of belonging. I ...more