I will always love you

 Since I got the text in the early hours of Sunday morning the refrain of this song made famous by Whitney Houston keeps going through my head.I have deliberately kept away from reading the news as I expect there will be two distinct perspectives to her death. The one scathing in it’s judgement of her battle with drugs and addiction, the other defiantly holding on to the nostalgia produced by her amazing voice and music....more

Mood Contagion

 I wrote this post recently on my blog and it has produced so many comments as people ask, almost in frustration: 'what if I am all three. what then? To which I respond, the key is to know yourself, so you can love others better. See what you think....more

Passion for the written word

I find myself in a bit of a quandary. I opened my big mouth recently, (on Facebook no less) and challenged a bunch of my friends to join me and write a novel in November.Well it is the 1st of November, the first day of the National Novel Writing Month and I am 50,000 words away from a 50,000 word novel.I have no idea what I am going to write on, yet I dig my hole further by sending messages to my friends asking where they are up to. Well. obviously I have no choice but to start, sometime today, 11pm would still count, as I am sure I can fit in 1,667 in an hour. Right?...more
@Bukky Olaleye Hahaha! My real name is Darcie! I just go with victorias_view because I started ...more

Hey there

My name is Bukky and I have just joined. This is my first forum ever so pardon me if I dont follow etiquette yet. Great site. ...more

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