I occasionally re-post my bumbum blogs to, hoping to gain more traffic.However.I am shocked and appalled and personally afronted that there is no category for stories what fall into "science."For example.I usually post my stories with links to "Health, wellness, and humor."Sometimes "Health, food, and humor."Or even "Cooking for health, wellness, and humor."...more
We've had a Science topic in the past and very few people ever published blogs into it. So we ...more


So Halloween is fast approaching. And if you know me at all, you know this is one of my least favorite holidays. Well, that's not true; I actually like it a great deal. I like the autumn, I like the chill, I like the smell in the air, I like seeing kids all dressed up.What I do not like, no, what I do not like, is my child reaching in a bucket of candy where 82937423740923704 other grubby mitts have been....more

Party Time. Excellent.

No really, the party was fairly excellent. See, part of me knows that I was stressing out for nothing, and part of me says "FUCK YOU AND YOUR SO-CALLED 'REASON,' I AM IN AGONY HERE AND I CAN'T STAND ANOTHER SECOND OF THIS IMMENSE STRESS."...more

My Anxiety Manifests Itself in So Many Unpleasant Ways.

So OMG tomorrow is the day of the party of the birthday of the five-year-old child of myself!! She actually turned 5 today, and yes there have been tears galore because mommy is not ready to face that five years have gone by since she squoze out that tiny tiny bundle, but bygones....more

She Has Joined the Purell Side.

I never liked you, Giuliana DiPandi Rancic DeGarmo MacDougal AOL Time Warner McGee, not with your giant cranium and your bizarre hairline and your emaciated frame, but I suddenly like you a lot better now....more

Chicken. Egg.

 Am I a bad mom because I'm depressed, or am I depressed because I'm a bad mom?...more

Fifth Birthday Parties Should Not Be This Complicated. Or Cost US$500.00.

  Things I am stressing about #23844 - 21837834:I am freaking out about my daughter's fifth birthday party. We usually hold it at a pizza place, where all we do is bring it the cake and balloons and presents. Food and bevs are provided. Easy as can be.This time, we're holding it at a friend's apartment's banquet/party room, in Kirkland, and I am freaking. out....more

An Update of Sorts.

So what's going on in the life of Jo & Co?So as you know, Maya is in Pre-K and also takes swim classes. She has been sick for more than four weeks straight. STRAIGHT. Full-on hacking, snortling, coughing, chunky gross phlegmy SICK. Sick all the time. People warned me, but you're never quite prepared for Sick All The Time....more

You Are Not the Only Resident of Your Body. God Help Us All.

Another "Hank the Sci Guy" on more creepy crawlies and germs and parasites galore.Again, I can't seen to embed video, but here's your link for an other kickass video.So, to summarize: As you know, a parasite is a creature than makes its living off another living being. Sometimes they're bad, something's they're really bad, and, Science Guy is trying to convince me, sometimes they're not THAT BAD....more


Random fact of the day: In my world where everything has horrible germs on it, and I can't touch anything, I like to delude myself that germs cannot live on paper or cloth. Sometimes it's all that gets me through in life. I try to force myself to not wash my hands after touching papers that people have handed me, or to die a thousand deaths at sorting through some clothes someone donated to me (OK OK I STILL HAVE TO WASH AFTER THAT SECOND PART)....more