Poppins. Mary Poppins.




Mila's Stylin'

A few weekends ago, I made the girls a deal. I promised that I would buy a new car for whoever slept...more

A Thank You

Hey, remember how I passed on a request for help with diapers from Center for Victims? HI, YOU GUYS. YOU'RE AWESOME ....more

A Quick Request

While I would most certainly love to string together another 1000 words about how annoying it is to have your tonuge feel like you are sucking on a 9V battery (OMG SO ANNOYING. STILL.), I received a message today from Center for Victims. First, I should mention that Center for Victims never asks for anything ....more

And Here I Thought She Was Just a Michael Jordan Fan

Do you believe in éj...more

German Chocolate No Bake Cookies

You know those No Bake Cookies everybody makes? The oatmeal/peanut butter/chocolate works of art? I'm a fan ....more

Just Another Day At The Pool




Like a Trained Monkey

I seem to have discovered the key that unlocks the door to Mila sleeping better. It's not the shape of key I would have liked, but it seems that if we deprive Mila of very-much-so-needed naps during the evening, she does better at bedtime. By "better," I mean she goes to sleep around 10:00 ....more