The "I'm Too Old For a Theme" Party, Part 1

When I titled a post before the 9th Birthday Extravaganza "The Calm Before the Storm," little did I know. I mean, seriously. TRUEST WORDS EVER ....more

It Looks Much Quieter Than It Is


The Calm Before the Storm


I Can Already Hear the Screams

Alexis' 9th birthday is just around the corner. That means it's party time. HOORAY! ...more

Just Because


There Is a Floor! Who Knew?

Everybody in this house knows that if a room needs to be cleaned, it's best to do it without me around. That's why I knew things were dire when Alexis invited me into the playroom to help her find the floor. It has been a long time since I have posted about the awesome that is our playroom, so allow me to direct you over here for photos from when it was first done ....more

Mila's Rose Photo Shoot, Volume 1

I've mentioned a time or ten that Mila and Alexis are very opposite children. There is no time that is more evident than it was during Mila's rose photo shoot. Alexis at 6/7 months was very interested in figuring out how to communicate ....more

Between Eye Contact and Smiles

While it wasn't originally intended to become an annual event, Alexis' daisy photo shoot has evolved into a tradition that can't be missed. Each summer, we wander into the garden and pick a few dozen daisies. They are the same daisies that I've had since we lived in Ohio during college -- I have divided them and moved them every time we have relocated ....more



Good Things Come In Small Packages