Kellogg's Sneaky Snacks (and a Giveaway!)

OK, ladies. Stop everything. Empty your purse ....more

The Biggest Little Fan

About 13 seconds into Alexis' dance recital rehearsal, I decided it would be easier to get a cat to sit quietly in an auditorium than it was to get Mila to sit there. She was a wiggly, giggly, whiny, LOOK AT THE SHINY mess all through the hour it took for Alexis to practice her performances. So, obviously, we took Mila to the actual recital ....more

Kellogg's Sneaky Snacks (and a Giveaway!)

Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone, but there is currently a Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal In A Cup in the console between my front seats. There's also a little cup of Froot Loops in the glovebox and a cup of Frosted Flakes in the trunk because of course there is. If Alexis figures out one of my hiding places, I will have backup! So far this little scheme is working quite perfectly. Cereal magically appears when needed....more

About That Recital

Going into this year's dance recital, Alexis was ready to bring the thunder. She spent hours poring over hairstyle ideas on pinterest. She carefully laid out her costumes three times ....more

Dance Dance Dance

There are problems that are born of blogging daily for nine years. One of them is that there really isn't a summary of Alexis' relationship with dance. There are pieces here and there that are part of the puzzle, but you can't see the whole picture from where you're sitting ....more

Emma's Caribbean Cloud Cupcakes

This recipe came from my friend Emma, who is mostly known as being the one person who was named Emma long before Ross, Rachel, and half of the internet named their kid Emma. That's what she says, anyway. She's a very lovely person, just perhaps a tiny bit bitter that when she goes anywhere kid-friendly, she thinks half the world is talking to her ....more

Please and Thank You

Sometimes I fantasize about the day in the distant future when Alexis will call me to say "Thank you" and "You were right." It's a day that will definitely come because that's the way parenting works. You think your parents are stupid until you are a parent and then you realize that they were kinda maybe smart. Alexis is going to have that moment ....more