It's About Time This One Causes Some Sleep Drama

I knew she was broken the night I went to lay Mila down in her crib and she started screaming. I immediately picked her back up and she grinned. So, I layed her back down ....more

Salted Caramel Apple Bars

If your neighbor is kind enough to invite your kid to go to an apple orchard for some apple picking, the correct answer is "yes." The correct answer is also "Shhhh! No complaining about how many apples end up at your house!" It's a lot, by the way. A TON ....more

Just Two Girls And Their Unicorns


When Baby Discover Kitty

This is it. This is the exact moment when Mila looked up and really saw Kiara. Before that, Kiara had spent plenty of time in Mila's presence, but it was obvious that she was looking right through the cat ....more

How To Make Simple Stained Glass Mosaics

There are many projects that get started and ... pretty much just get started. Look, it's not that I'm not a finisher; it's that life gets in the way ....more

It's The Little Things That Matter In The End

Some days are more challenging than others, and today was most definitely One of Those Days. It was generally more chaotic than usual, but unfortunately most of the chaos was manufactured by others. It was done in a way that made it so I couldn't jump off the train ....more

The Crud Divides and Conquers

If sharing is caring, then the big one must REALLY love the tiny one. In this case, I think "sharing" involved licking every surface Mila touches because the cold that Alexis has been battling for a few days found its way to Mila. Which, BLURGH ....more

Slow Down, Please

This kid. This is the kid is caught in the middle of a battle of wills. I admit it ....more

Fall Stir Fry

Just when I was starting to get my act together in terms of cooking real food for dinner, school started. With that came the kickoff of gymnastics, dance, and cheer, and what's that? Where do I live? ...more

Mila and Her Itsy Bitsy Spider