Be Here

I fully accept that this is my own fault, but YOU GUYS. That's my half of our king-sized bed. And by "my half," I mean, "That couple of inches on the left of the photo? ...more

Procrastination is My Middle Name

I'm here to make you feel better about yourself, so let me just tell you about my procrastination skills. We have lived in this house for over five years now. Coincidentally, there's a list of unfinished projects that happens to be about five years long ....more

Opposites Are So Fun

In retrospect, I should have figured out that Alexis is a Drama Queen much sooner than I did. If I go all the way back to when she was a tiny baby, I can think of the times when she proudly donned her crown. She used to throw parties to celebrate being awake, even at 3:00 in the morning ....more

Baby Kryptonite

There was this really delightful thing I used to do to Alexis when she was one year old. I used to set her own in the grass and walk away. Far, far away ....more

Monkey Bread

We had lots of plans for this weekend, but then they fell flat in a giant pile of snow, much like this. So! What happens when I'm stuck at home for an entire day? ...more

Not Impressed


Do You Wanna Go For a Ride?


Thinking Warm Thoughts

It's really not surprising that the Tiny Human loves water. It's well established, really. But, man, bath time really is the best ....more

Glimpses of What's Coming

Mila is most certainly still working on defining who she is going to be, but that doesn't stop her from picking and choosing what glimpses of the future her she wants us to see. I'm not sure what long-term conclusions you can draw from her favorite things, but I bet some of them tell a story. One of Mila's favorite things is "Lala." That's Alexis ....more