It's the Little Things

You would think that the Big Kid would have been the easier one to shop for this Christmas, but you would be wrong. Tiny Human did a far better job of expressing what she wanted than her sister did. Tiny Human was so very happy with her quickly crocheted stuffed monster ....more

What Are The Rules, Internet?

We have previously established in this space that I have a very serious addiction to Christmas trees. Right now there are ten fully decorated trees scattered around our house. Well, OK, there are technically twelve of them, but two need to be stripped and restrung with lights because they aren't working right ....more

This Is Why I Don't Have Christmas Cards Made Yet

The Internet is full of beautiful photographs of kids gazing perfectly at the camera making the most adorable happy faces ever. I would just like to take a moment to point out that for every perfect photo that exists, there are several that are ... well .. ....more

'Tis The Season


Best Friends


There Can Be Only One Sparkle Queen

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about parenting some people have is that they seem think you get to pick what flavor of kid you will get. They think you get to pick if your kid will enjoy music, be good at sports, live for sparkle, or whatever. (There are certainly parents who believe that -- it's not just people who don't have kids ....more

The Elf Visits Big Kid Street

Alexis is obviously standing at the intersection of Big Kid Street and Little Kid Lane, looking down both streets and unsure which direction she should walk. Right now she's leaning toward Little Kid Lane, I think because it makes the holidays so much more magical. Man, that kid wants to believe SO badly ....more

One Last Word About Christmas Crazy 6

I swear I will stop talking about Christmas Crazy in a minute or ten, but not yet. Not yet because I think the internet as a whole spends a whole lot of time wallowing in the bad and not nearly enough time celebrating the fantastic. This ....more

Benjamin is Back

We have a ton of Christmas traditions around here, and one of them is mentioning Benjamin in this space. Since 2011, Benjamin has elected to give up his birthday presents so that Christmas Crazy could have a few more things. And by "a few," I mean a CAR LOAD ....more