Rainy day Sunday

Today found our pesky little friend hanging off our chandelier. He made me a nervous wreak up there. I just had visions of someone turning on the fan and either taking his little head off or just sending him airborne. I'm already on Santa's naughty list. The little dude over heard me say if JingleBells didn't stop his little antics I was going to kick his magical little butt back to the North Pole. Bubby got a call from Santa yesterday and ratted me out!...more

Sensory Processing Disorder and Kindergarten

A few months ago we took my son to be tested/registered for kindergarten. They didn't want him to attend this year due to some of his issues. We fought for him to attend. After all its the right of every kid to attend school because if we didn't send him you can bet your butt the school would be on our case. He has Sensory Processing Disorder. Some days it is tough to deal with him. I do want to clarify one thing. The school didn't want him to attend not because of his issues but because they didn't want to take the time out to teach him. They wanted me to send him to a pre school instead....more

First day of summer vacation

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation here. Our school actually got out a week earlier. We had such a mild winter and never used any of our snow days. I guess the school board decided to torture the parents with an extra week of summer. HA!*side note~I really wish our school district would rethink the school schedule. We go back before labor day and have a ton of "weird" days off. Do we really need a whole week off for Thanksgiving? I feel sorry for working parents who have to use their vacation days for school closings.* ...more

Photography Woos

I've been trying to full myself but I do believe my camera is about to go. I loved this thing when I bought it. I honestly can't remember when Excately I bought it. I'm thinking it's maybe 5 years old. It's a digital but you can adjust the settings manually on it. It also has the option of buying a wide angle lens for it. I never did. The past few months the lens doesn't want to zoom. I could play around with it and it get it working. Then just before Christmas I was trying to recharge the batteries on it. The darn battery door doesn't want to open. I had to pry it open....more

Mixed bag of emotions.......

This past Friday my bil's widow got remarried. We knew she was going to get married, we just didn't know when. She has been engaged for almost two years and kept changing her mind. She would say she's moving from Alaska to Minnesota and change her mind a week before she was suppose to move. We kind of stopped paying attention after a while. According to my Mil she was suppose to get married last weekend but backed out of it. I knew some day we would get to this point. She would remarry and my nieces Firefly and Ladybug would have a new dad. I guess I just wasn't ready for it yet....more

National adoption month

In honor of National adoption month I wrote a post on how to adopt from the fostercare system. Please feel free to read the story on my blog.http://taleof2burgs.blogspot.com/2011/11/national-adoption-month.html...more