Amaretto-Spiked Caramel Apple Bites

Every month, I share a recipe from a vintage cookbook and turn it loose on a wonderful bunch of bloggers, who each reinterpret the recipe in their own way. Our assignment this month was to remake "Ozarkian Taffy Apples", which in its original form, was a very hard, crude caramel, a "Prairie Caramel" as fellow blogger Linda put it. ...more

Staying Connected With My Sister

Fourteen years ago, my sister left the sunny, dry desert southwest to make her first visit to the cool, rainy climes of Portland, Oregon, where I was living at the time.  It was early May, and so unseasonably cold and wet it was comical, the decision for her to come north rather than me travel south....more

Plastics Are Bumming Me Out

Last week at an after-work reception, I met Lisa Boyle, the co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition.  We talked about food when we met, not plastic.  At home, I looked at her card and thought, "I'm actually really good about not using plastic." ...more

Light and Refreshing Brunch for a Sulking Blogger

The hubs is on a production job three thousand miles away, for three months. I would love to be articulate about that, but I'm not going to. It sucks....more

Roasted Baby Zucchini and Gruyere Gratin

Every week at the Santa Monica farmer's market, I walk by the farmers who I call the squash-and-artichoke farmers.  There are many squash and artichoke farmers there, so you won't be led to them if you go looking for farmers under that description.  That's just a marker in my mind that indicates they are the best squash and artichoke farmers at the market. ...more

Easy One-Bowl Chocolate Mocha Cake with Fresh Berries and Ice Cream

Once a month, I take a vintage recipe from an old cookbook and share it with a fantastic and growing group of recipe swappers. We each take time to reinterpret it and post our results the first Sunday of every month.  ...more

Top 8 Most-Used Kitchen Items. Or, the Last Items in the Moving Box.

There have been a few travelin' posts up in my social medias lately. These correspond with work trips to Washington, DC, Boston, and a move between apartments taking place this week. During a moment of frazzled procrastination, I hovered over the last open box of kitchen items, to be shut the morning of moving day, and observed. ...more
one touch battery operated can opener, funnel, skinny metal cake tester, paprika, mesh ...more

Baked Salmon on Spring Garlic with Steamed Baby Artichokes

Even though it feels like spring all year round here, this week it announced itself properly by the presence of baby artichokes at the farmer's market. For the patrons who missed the artichokes, the more obvious "Spring Garlic" showed up to the party as well. And so went my shopping trip, finding just five ingredients to put into a quick dinner at home....more

This looks amazing and what a wonderful use for spring garlic. But I wonder, is the spring ...more

Prosciutto and Gruyere-stuffed Chicken Roulade

Despite the facts that I just bought my summer's supply of sunscreen this weekend, and it is currently sunny and 78 outside, I still want the excuse to hibernate inside in my sweatshirt, and eat rich, full-flavored foods in front of a Netflix queue....more

"Chicken Sink" Pot Pie with Light-Roux Gravy and Herbed Drop Biscuits

Over at Burwell General Store, I hosted another recipe swap, and this time 13 of us joined the fun. This time, we reinterpreted "Grandma's Pot Pie and Drop Biscuits" from "All Day Singin' And Dinner on the Ground" (Read more about the swap here)....more