Keep Your Makeup on While Working Out

So, as an exercise instructor often I have to workout with makeup on.  I don’t feel like much of a motivator or role model when I get up in front of a class looking like a hot mess plus, as much as I hate to admit it, wearing makeup makes me feel more confident.  The only trouble? Most of the time I end up sweating the shit off ....more

Cougar Mountain Trail Race Series Half Marathon Recap

After Friday night’s Briefcase Relay, I had to wake up early on Saturday morning to get ready to run my first half marathon trail race at Cougar Mountain.  I was very grateful that unlike other races that start first thing in the morning, this one started at 9 am since I woke up still feeling last night’s relay and still had residual lung burn going on ....more

Briefcase Relay Recap

So far, it has been a busy weekend. And I’m going to tell you about last night’s portion of it with one hand while my other feeds me a burrito ....more

My Runspirations

Everyone is picking my brain about running right now! And I find it pretty amusing because I am far from being an expert. However, because so many people are looking to me currently, I thought it would be appropriate for me to share where I get my ‘runspiration’.  So, here are a list of blogs that motivate, educate and entertain me and also keep me loving the run ....more

So You Want to Run a Half Marathon

[Disclaimer: While I am a personal trainer, I am not a running coach or even an elite runner.  I am just a runner who has sustained enough injuries to have learned a bunch of lessons about preventing them.  Any advice is based off of what works for *me*.  Our bodies are all different so it may not work for you.  Please keep this in mind when reading this post.] ...more

Tough Mudder Boot Camp Day 3

As I stated in my last post, Zac and I are training for Tough Mudder in October and in order to train, we are doing the boot camp workouts on the Tough Mudder training site.  Today’s workout looked like this: ...more

Tough Mudder!

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend by taking a family day trip over to Port Townsend so I could restock up on my favorite loose leaf teas at the Spice and Tea store.  They have a coconut oolong tea that is absolutely amazing.  M.T. loved riding on the ferry to get there. ...more

One Month Away – Shit!

I am freaking out.  I have 30 days until my full marathon.  EEEEEEEP!!! ...more

New Shoes!!!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle is getting closer and my feet are getting more and more fucked up.  I guess that’s all part of the package when you’re training for a full marathon, eh? ...more